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HOW TRUE. I will say that we were a little bit better than the others.

Then the greedy bastards that owned AI sold out to Advance Auto Parts.The pay sucks, the management sucks, and all the money is made by managers and corporate. To tell you how screwed up this company is and I'm talking about Advanced, they had AI open 40 stores in Florida and within two years they closed the 40 stores in Florida because they didn't know what parts that they use down there. All parts got sent back. At least one third of the parts were thrown out.

By the way they treat their store employees like ***, the same as they treat their warehouse employees. Autopart International in 2015 had a record profitable year and guess what they gave us.

Two slices of pizza and a $0.10 raise while the general managers and managers had excellent bonuses. Thanks for nothing you piece of *&%* company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Autozone treats all their employees like *** because like and company they're all greedy. They get a lot of money and they give us a pat on the back.

Same thing goes for management. Store managers push for everyone below them to work hard and up sell everything so they get the nice bonuses every 3 months. When it comes for evaluations they give you a .10¢ raise and say that's all you get because my check wasn't as big as I thought it would be and its your fault. If I don't get compensated enough for working and I'm expected to work my *** off everyday, I ain't doing that ***.

They don't want unions to barge into the company because they don't want to increase our pay any more that .50¢ above minimum wage. Even though they say we don't have to work on people's cars if we don't want to, if we say we don't want to then they cut our hours. You can have a new hire with no automotive experience try to change out a simple wiper blade because he was forced to even though he didn't know how to do it because the managers said it's easy and he ends up breaking the windshield with the wiper arm(true story). So that means if it's pouring rain outside and some guy wants us to change a battery because he's too cheap to pay for it at a shop, we have to do it in the *** rain.

At least give us a garage for car work. On top of that, we can't accept tips even if they force us to take it. If we're caught getting a tip then were fired.

What kind of *** is that. They say don't take tips because you're helping them because you want to not because you have to for whatever reason...*** we have to do it or were not working.

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