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The only dude who works full time at my local auto parts store (which is sadly autozone) is this guy name Brett who should quite frankly, be fired yesterday. Not only does he have no knowledge of what the *** he's doing, but he won't even admit it!

Matter of fact, he'll waste your time naming a bunch of bull items just to end up saying "we for actually have it in stock". I'm not basing this off one experience either. First encounter with this guy, i was looking for a very very simple thing- 5 ft of fuel line and a brass fitting. He took atleast 5 minutes trying to figure out what type of fuel line I was talking about (the kind that holds gasoline) then he disappeared for a while and retuned with the wrong part probably 3 times.

Never did get the right line. He also couldn't figure out if I wanted a threaded or flared fitting (even though I specified) but of course, it ended up being out of stock anyway. That whole exchange took literally 1 1/2 hours for me to walk away with less than I came. Another day I came in looking for two sets of wiper blades.

He was right by them, fiddling with something of complete unimportance to his job. Instead of helping me find blades he just told me to "look in the book" then took forever before he was ready to scan my items.

The thing that just recently set me off... Went there looking for new spark plugs for my truck.

Pretty basic thing for an auto parts store to have, right? After about 10 minutes on the computer, and after clicking on the wrong engine size category a few times, he got to a list of probably 15 spark plug varieties that autozone carries. I know this becuase he showed me the screen. Then he turned it away and scrolled through the page a bit.

In the end they "somehow don't have any of them in stock here." Well if you ask me, he just didn't want to move his lazy self to go find them. Later that day, when I got home, I went onto and set te store location as "my store" on Governor Richtie Highway.

I went and looked at the plugs in stock there and low and behold, all but maybe 4 of the 15-some spark plugs were in stock.

Brett your ignorance has wasted enough of my time, and probably other peoples time. It seems kind of like your stealing from autozone, getting paid to sit on your lazy *** I know autozone is terrible with customer service, but really this guy has to go.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

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Second paragraph, end up first sentence should say "we don't actually have it in stock"

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