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This is my second bad experience at Auto Zone. I went in on the evening of 2/21/11 to have my battery replaced. Over an hour later, the Employee who was "helping" me had ripped my positive terminal right off the end of the cable, tried to pry my negative terminal open with the handle of a plier and broke my battery hold down. Finally another employee came out to see what was taking so long. He replaced my positive terminal with a new one but left the negative terminal on there even though it was so loose, he had trouble getting my car to crank. When I asked him to change it, he put it in my hand and told me just to keep it in case I needed it later. When I asked him the repair my battery hold down that the other employee broke he just wedged the block between my battery and said that would be ok. To which I replied that would only be okay until I hit a pot hole or a bump and my battery bounced out of the tray into my fan or alternator or crused my oil fill neck. But still he did not repair it. I managed to get home, I just live across the street. But of course the next morning my car would not run because of the loose negative terminal so I had to borrow a car to get to work, after getting stranded in mine.

I emailed Auto Zone first thing in the morning. I called the local regional office and left 2 voice mails and called the 800 customer service number. No one has called me back and no one answered my email until after 4:30, after I called customer service.

Nothing has been done to help resolve the situation, my car still won't run and will be unsafe until the battery hold down is repaired.

This is without a doubt the most incompetent battery installation in history coupled with the world's worst customer service.

From now on, it will be O'Reilly's or Advanced Auto or Napa - anything but Auto Zone - for me!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Installation.

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you people need to fix your own *** and not take it to autopart's employees that is a job for a mechanical shop, and if you think it is to easy to fix, then do it yourself. plus you need to carry your own tools don't go to autoparts with your ugly *** face asking if you can borrow tools.


Wow. Another person who is too *** to install their own battery complainging about a person trying to do it for free. Go figure.

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