Madison Heights, Virginia
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about six months ago I bought 2 batteries and paid core deposit of 12.00 each. laid the receipt on dash and took the cores back for refund and was refused a refund because of the receipt being unreadable(ink faded from sun)Talked with manager of store and was not given any refund even though

the employee I purchased from verfied the purchase...I was pissed.

on saturday march 12/11 I again purchased a electric motor replacement for

my Caddy...took it to mechanic he said it was not the motor but the master

switch...took it back to store 20 minutes after purchase with receipt and

boxed motor..would not refund said once taken out of store there was no reutrn....The motor was about 70.00 was going to buy a master switch for 125.00 and pay the difference...the employee was acusing me of trying to pull a fast one....well...I am sending my "rewards card" back and telling them where to put it...I really think the Autozone store in Springfield Missouri on Chestnut expressway west...employees could use a "customer service 101 course" well folks they have seen the last of me...they try

to screw U.....They are not out to "win friends" and "make happy customers"

I ended up getting the things I needed from "O Reily auto" who were very courtous and understanding...from no on they get my business....of course Auto Zone could care less according to their personall at the store......

Pissed in Springfield Missouri............

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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why cry over 12 dollers you have nothing better to do


as long as you knew the phone number for the battery warranty, there should not have been any problem looking it up in the computer & giving you your core charge refunds. but sometimes customers can't remember the phone# they used, or the warranty is under a different name, and then it's a problem.

and as long as the motor was still new & had not yet been installed or hooked up, to test whether it was the problem then a return or exchange should not have been any problem. but if the product had been opened and apparently hooked up or installed, then no one will want to buy that part as new anymore, and customers often try swapping out multiple new parts on their vehicle like that, in lieu of getting a proper diagnosis to begin with. if it were allowed to go on unchecked, there wouldn't be any actually new parts lefts in the store, they would all be used! and your statement "took it to mechanic he said it was not the motor but the master" has a glaring omission about how & why the mechanic suddenly changed his diagnosis after you brought him the motor. was he a some kind of psychic mechanic, or did he actually try that part out real quick to find out?


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