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I have a 1998 dodge caravan. This will be my third rebuilt alternator that I'll have to put in.

The first I put in 2007, the second April 2010 and now the third June 2010. No problem with the life time warrenty,but this alternator is not easy to put in and take out.Where they rebuild them they need to chage everything out,not just doing what needs to be done.This is my last time I will change this out.I will demand my money back next time.This will be the last alternator I'll buy there.

Monetary Loss: $219.

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I am on alternator number 8. This last one lasted 4 miles.

Im getting their duralast gold ones. Cost me $375. Well this last one started overcharging. Blew out my headlights.

Burnt up my navigation system. Fried 1/2 my instrument cluster.

Ive already contacted my insurance and filing a claim at noon when the manager gets in today. I should mention im a shop owner and mechanic so not only am i pissed about my Lexus, they have officially lost a commercial account.


I agree. 4 alternaters relaced in 4 weeks.

All bad regulatets The 4th is bad now. Have put off replacing it.


I have just had this same issue with the Alternator in my Trailblazer bought one from Auto Zone end of June and had to replace it again first week of October. Seemed to be an intermittent problem with the voltage regulator part of the alternator.

Took me about an hour and a half to replace, lost three hours of work though. My friend was having this issue with his Toyota Camry, had to replace his alternator about once a year.


bad filer capacitor dave . they cut corners and you get signal noise With your 14.2 volts / this noise goes strait through the batter to the power train compooper and screws with pressure reg sensor and dash temp controls


As I see it, whoever came up with putting the voltage regulator inside the alt. should be roasted.

Chrysler, and most other manufacturers for years mounted the voltage regulator on the firewall, making it easier to change. This is the part that most of the time seems to be the failure, but, you cannot just get the voltage regulator, you have to buy the entire alt.

assembly. POOR DESIGN!


I agree with you. On my 2003 Nissan Frontier, I too have had a very high failure rate.

The one I just changed was a bit over a year old. They need to re-evaluate the failures, and work to improve the quality of the product. My original alt. lasted for 12 years.

I have now changed 4 since the original went bad. Very hard to get to.

Changing it out is a real pain. Next time, I will consider an OEM version.


Here's my advice (after reading reviews on rebuilt alternators). DON'T BUY A REBUILT ALTERNATOR PERIOD.

I tried Pep Boys...Number 4 was a good just a months time...FOUR REBUILT ALTERNATORS!

Ultima rebuilts have bad reviews

Duralast have bad reviews.

NEW ALTERNATORS seem however to get no bad reviews.

Imagine that. I think I paid $20 more for a new one over a rebuilt.

Now why would you want a rebuilt anything for just that difference. So if you buy rebuilt QUIT COMPLAINING!


With all due respect, the comment you made about "QUIT COMPLAINING" was bit harsh. After all, when you are stranded, and that is all that is available, that is what you have to go with.

In my case, there were no new ones, except OEM, and that would take 3-5 days to get. There should be nothing wrong with re-built, as long as the actual jobber folks do it correctly.

In my opinion, we should move the rebuilding back to the USA. Rebuilding in China or Mexico is the real problem.


On my 3rd "new" from Autozone. What now?


I purchased a alternator and Duralast battery at AZ only to get stranded and drain my new battery. I had the new battery charged just to make it back to AZ to have them tell me the Voltage Regulator in the Alternator I just purchased wasn't working and draining my new Battery.

So I missed another day of work, hopefully the next alternator they had to order is a better one. I was probably better off going to my Toyota dealer and saving the aggravation and probably saving more by not missing work.

@Johnny Angel

Same problem with my 2005 Honda element. I did buy the Premium Alternator after first trying the rebuilt lower quality alternator.

Bench test the new alternator and green pass.

put it in my Element and red light comes on???

Guys in the stre where great trying to figure out what the problem was...

I believe the manuf. Duralast is the problem>


*** Autozone! We bought a Lifetime Warranty Alternator and it has failed 4 times!

3 of those times in the last month.

Now, even though we have a lifetime warranty on this piece of ***, they won't allow us to return it for a refund, so we can stop spending $40 every time we need to get a new one put it. I will never step foot in another Autozone.

@Autozone ***ks



I'm on my sixth alternator from Autozone. The Gold series.

Unlike some other stories about installation pain this one is fairly easy to get to. (96 Suburban, 5.7L) I've had numerous quality issues with Autozone parts. I think their prices are lower because they stock the lowest bid equipment from suppliers. I am going to ask for my money back on the 7th unit.

It already does not charge if I run anything other than the radio.

The gentlemen's response of less diodes sounds about right to me. Rebuilt mechanical parts but keeping old electronics.


i went thru 4 alternators on a 2000 ford contour 2.5 v6 in the span of 3 months this was not an easy job to do the store said it was my fault i was doing something wrong or something was wrong with my car.(to get the 7 alternators out the door of the store it took them testing 5 others most the time to get one that passed on the bench)i finally got my money back after the fourth one and went over the store managers head and put a reman motorcraft (ford oem brand for you that dont know) its now been on just a month shy of 3 years and just over 62k miles no as much as a hicup... after this i ordeal i stopped buying anything from them just bc they have poor knowledge and customer service skills reason enough for me with out even mentioning poor quality products.


I can tell you for a fact that after the second Duralast alternator failed within two years, I found the problem. Before removing the alternator this last time, I went and bought the replacement at Autozone with the intention of returning the expired alternator after replacing it. When I got home with the new remanufactured alternator I took it apart to find out why they were failing so frequently.

I discovered that while there should have been eight diodes,there were only six. It's a fact that an alternator cannot have too many diodes. You can externally bridge as many as you like and the life and reliability will be greatly improved. However you can have too few. The result of too few diodes is a shorter service life.



yep, six diode will avalanche quicker than 8 . / cut corners


Skip any AC Delco alternators completely. I purchased a NEW (not reman) unit which failed after about three hours - the front pulley fell off derailing and ruining the belt.

Delco won't replace the belt. Worse, the unit failed in the middle of nowhere, 190 miles from home. Delco will only pay the first $75 of the tow and reimburses, so if you don't have the money up front you hitchhike / abandon your car / die.

I believe Delco would prefer the third option.

Purchase any other brand but Delco. Even the Chinese make a better product and care more about their customers.


I was following you until you said "Chinese" . Give me a break...

Another thing....Anyone would check to be sure a pulley is tight before they installed it correct ?

Never heard of your problem happening before...Sounds strange to me...It just doesn't sound like Delco's problem.

Anyway...I'd rather go with OEM than rebuilt anytime.

I just purchased a new Ultima Alternator because everyone else was 2 wks plus shipping time. Hoping for the best.


Two months ago, I purchased a Duralast alternator and put it in my '03 Mazda6. It overcharged and completely fried my electrical system, resulting in a little over $4800 worth of damage.

Autozone is refusing to pay for the repairs, stating that the manufacturer of the Duralast alternator requires a PAID invoice before they'll consider or process my claim. I have been w/o a car for two months now and have NO WAY to pay for $4800 charges in repair. BULL$!*#. I've filed a complaint with the BBB and will be suing if it doesn't get resolved.

What's strange, is that I can't find ANYTHING that tells me who the manufacturer of the Duralast alternator is. Everything I find points back to Autozone.

Does anyone have any idea of who the manufacturer might be? :cry :(

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