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Returned item to AutoZone/Phoenix/Southern (unopened) for one at same price, but different shape, each priced $3.49. Had my receipt, I paid CASH.

Then the FUN? began; name, phone, etc., etc. When I resisted, I was told it was store policy and the computer would not allow a return without the information. Well, MY POLICY IS NOT TO GIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION TO BUSINESSES WHO CANNOT TELL ME HOW THEY WILL PROTECT IT!

AND, if I had to give all this information in order to buy something with CASH, I would not be a customer! Common sense would help here; I had the receipt, I paid cash, the item cost $3.49, was UNOPENED and I only wanted to exchange for different shape, DUH! Red shirt yelled in my ear for a password? (I know there was not password in my ear, nor was the manager in my ear!) Then he asked if I wanted to do the exchange, i.e., if I did not give up personal information he, the all powerful, was not going to help me.

Apparently no understanding of customer satisfaction and his paycheck. Fortunately, other AutoZone stores in this area provide wonderful service; I will not return to the Phoenix/Southern store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you read the print on the back of the receipt or on their website is says they reserve the right to require a valid ID for records in order to track return activity for return verifications.

Autozone requires a name and phone number for fraud prevention mainly on big returns. Here's an example, there was a customer that always did business with autozone.

He liked to help his friends with their car troubles so he was always buying parts for different cars. When you buy a part like an alternator or brake pads, they come with lifetime warranties. Well, this guy would come in every couple of weeks exchanging parts under the warranty by using a name and phone number. Eventually he's flagged for consistent returns of the same items and an investigation ensues.

They find out the parts he was replacing under warranty were not autozone parts to begin with. That customer is now facing charges from the company.

This applies to small priced items as well. A person returns an item that's less than $5 and have the receipt. The person provides a phone number and name.

Later the person is flagged for consistent returns. Investigating reveals the person has been stealing receipts from trash cans outside the store and has been stealing the items and returning them for a quick buck. The next time the person tries returning an item with the same information. The employees call the cops and the man is arrested for theft.

Giving them your basic information can benefit you as well.

Autozone has a loyalty program. You keep buying from them and eventually you rack up in store credit. Let's say you're loyalty number is, for the sake of simplicity, 123. You're buying and buying earning those loyalty rewards and you rack up $100.

You try to use the credit but shows that you've spent it. Turns out someone found out your loyalty number and used it to buy a brand new oil pan and some oil to go with it. If you provided a phone number and name, they could've used it to verify the person using the credit.

Autozone requires the loyalty card in hand to be scanned to prevent the theft of store credit now because this happened waaay to much.

So because of people like those talked about, the company doesn't take chances and requires basic information mainly to protect them from being hustled. PS All companies have to obey the strict laws of securing customer information so unless a hacker from anonymous or Korea really wants your number to ask you out on a date, prank call you, or sell your information to third parties, I doubt anyone will get a hold of it.

It's company policy and by doing business with them, you agree to it. If you're still mad about them giving you a hard time, it's your fault for not reading the return policy.


If you can't give a phone number, if you can't sign your name, if you can't verify who you really are, then prepare to be disappointed when you can't return. We DON'T ask for your ID unless you return without reciept.

We DON'T need your card info if you pay with a card. Why we need a phone number? I don't know. But it is far from the worst thing in the world if your name & phone number leaks out.

How do we keep your information secure? I don't know, I get paid minimum wage. It's also simply not information even the store manager is privvy to, get used to it. I get it, it's annoying, and we don't agree with it either, but it could be worse.

SUCK IT UP, *** Why do we yell for a password?

Because we're tired of the computer deciding one person has ran too many returns after literally the second return of the day, and now the computer is whining at me to get a manager to enter their password so the computer knows I'm not trying to screw over the company that puts my bread on the table. Now, any good redshirt like me will try to get you the right part the first time so you don't have to return anything, but it is the customer's responsibility as well to...make informed decisions.


Dude you are in customer service you better get a better attitude because your attitude sucks I know it's tough I've dealt with it before but suck it up your self *** because an attitude like that you're going to get laid out plain and simple

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