Blythe, California
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I am a disabled vet. that was on my way to a new job, a chance to get my life back when I had a motor burn up.

Utilized money in my savings to purchase Sure Fire rebuilt motor replaced motor mounts, u-joints, etc. expecting this to be an investment in my future; expecting several years of untroubled service. Within 157 miles rear main seal ruptured pouring oil everywhere... This happened 5 months ago, I have contacted Auto Zone, Sure Fire Engines, Attorney General's office, consumer's affairs, B.B.B., and have KPNX "call4action" news station working with me now to get Auto Zone and Sure Fire Engines to honor warranty and do what is right.

For 5 months I have lost wages, payed lot rent, tow bills etc. and yet Auto Zone and Sure Fire Engines have done nothing to resolve this issue. In fact they have flip flopped their position continually trying to get out of warranty. I am at the point where my savings are gone, job is gone, in short everything I had worked for is lost...

Here I sit preparing to move into dessert losing electric, dish, internet and mostly losing hope that these people will ever do what is right. If you should need a motor don't count oh Auto Zone or Sure Fire Engines to honor warranty or to do what is honorable.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

AutoZone Cons: Warranty.

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Yea, I made the mistake of buying a new 5.0 from AutoZone and it lasted 6 months. I'm currently fighting with them now about it.

Hopefully I can get my money back and just build my own.

But who knows? Will never get another one from them!


we too have had an issue with sure fire they will not honor their workmanship. the operator had the nerve to ask if we wanted a discount on another! get the word out that sure fire is the worst!


The automotive belts do not hold up in everyday use. They are basically 3,000 mile wonders.

After that, the belt will stretch past its usefulness and start to squeal or come apart on you. This can cause costly repairs if someone is not watching their belts carefully. I tried to return their Duralast belt and the management said it was past it's one year warranty. I advised them not to buy these belts for their cars and they had to agree they would not want them on their automobiles.

Autozone belts are no good and their hose clamps will round off and not tighten down on hoses. Their automotive belts and hose clamps are inferior quality and you will be sorry if you purchase them from Autozone.


You bought an engine at autozone are you out of your mind they don't even know how to install front headlights properly


I agree, I could have purchased a motor through Jegs for $350 less than autozone not only that but it was pushing 260 HP instead of 200 HP that Sure Fire motor was putting out. I thought long and hard; finally thought the additional money would be well spent knowing that there is an Auto Zone in most small towns if there was a problem...

Only now, do I realize that being the 2nd largest auto parts business in USA and located in almost every small town across the country means nothing. It will not happen again...


You could have bought a brand new,not rebuilt but 100% brand new 350 crate engine from GM or Jeg's for under $2000 with a full GM warranty.


Your fist clue should have been the name Sure Fire.You should know that any company that names themselves Sure Fire,Sure Start,Pro Start etc is anything but a quality part.As far as engines go,Jasper is one of the best and stands behind they'r engines.They will pay any labor for the repair or replacement of they'r products for at least two years and longer if you purchase an extended warranty.Also many dealers sell replacement engines at a reasonable price and that's reasonable for a quality engine with a similar warranty.I'm sorry of your situation but you should know that when you buy cheap you get cheap.It may be ok to gamble on small part for a few bucks to try and save some money but this is a major investment and now worth the gamble.

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