Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

AutoZone in Thorndale PA would not honor warranty on premature wear of brake pads and rotors, saying they wore out under normal wear. That's not what I was told when I bought them.

They are selling low quality brake pads and rotors under the guise of a warranty that they don't honor. The original rotors on my vehicle lasted over 40K miles and wore smooth all the way.

The AutoZone rotors only lasted 20K miles, with their brake pads, and wore with serious grooving and grinding noises when stopping, even though the brake pads had not quite worn to the wear sensors.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Bad buy - Duralast Gold CMax Pads (Ceramic Brakes) and Rotors. The warranty is great but the brakes are terrible.

They last about 10,000 miles. I have replaced 2 times each on my olds van, wife's Bonneville and daughter's merc sable. I am tired of replacing the brakes every 10,000 miles. Auto Zone warranted rotors 3 out of 6 times.

They are supposedly Auto Zone's best brakes.

I like Autozone but the brakes suck! teed vehicles for the ...


sounds like a female driver who rides the brakes and just wants free parts.


did they say normal wear, or abnormal wear? normal wear is covered, abnormal wear is not, because that means something else is causing it.

grinding and grooving are probably caused by getting pebbles stuck in there... so maybe try not to go off-roading, eh?


Your reciept does state that the 'Limited' Lifetime warrent applies to only normal wear and tear; thats why their limited. However, the employees should have warrented either way and explained to you that you needed to fix the real issue because this is something not covered under your Limited Warrenty.


If you are wearing out rotors and pads in 20,000 miles or less than your vehicle has a problem or you are riding your brakes.


If you are wearing out pads you need to check your rear brakes, odds are they are not working properly and all of your braking is coming from the front only.


They should have honered your warrenty. They are just being stubborn.

You should always ask for the DM (District Manager)'s phone number. DMs are little more apt to helping the customer than jaded autozoners.

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