Woodland, California

Orion refused to remove my old battery and install the new battery that I purchased at your store today (the third battery that I have replaced in many years in my Dodge, Colt E). He mentioned that he would do it if I were incapacitated. Well, I am not incapacitated and didn't have any tools. I detest that behavior and should not be permitted (shame on him). Therefore, I will refuse to be helped by Orion in the future (not shame on me).

Jose C. replaced the battery, great customer service.

I have had checked my alternators and batteries at your store before and have had good service, the same at any other auto parts stores in Woodland.

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While working at and Autozone in Texas..I had an Iraq war vet with 1 leg insist on changing his own battery after I offered to help.

Some people have grown up to be lazy ***. They expect free *** and things be done for them...Good customer service would be to tell them to learn how to do it themselves...who knows when they might get stranded in the middle of nowhere...ehhh...That might be best for em.


You are just plain lazy if you cant do something as simple as replace a battery. Next time do it yourself dont expect a person of autozone to do it for i mean come on its freaking vehicle. All they are expected to do is sell parts not fix your *** dodge and you are perfectly capable of doing it but you are just lazy :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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