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The quality of their re-manufactured or re-furbished parts is very poor, they don't hold up or defective from the re-builder. Nobody likes to do a job twice, especially auto repairs. Most people went to Autozone to have a savings when buying auto parts. May I ask, where is the savings when you have to take the same part back for warranty because it prematurely failed or didn't work when you put it in? You have your time and money tied up doing the job twice. Ooops, there went your savings. If you had to pay a mechanic to install the parts you bought, now you have to pay him again to take it off and re-install a new one.

Double ooops.

The employees either don't know what they are selling, know enough to get into trouble informing the customer or being a smart ars thinking they know everything and make the customer feel very ***. Only a very few clerks, that I have run into, knew what they were talking about when you asked for help and it seems they were no longer their or employed when you went back to the store again. Wonder why?

The straw that broke the camels back for me is when I ordered a some brushed for a starter. They were special order and had to be ordered in. Mind you, I was a regular customer at this store, on a first name basis. I made the order on Saturday, the clerk that took the order, via telephone, took all the information needed and told me the brushes would be in on Tuesday after 1:00. I asked if he would call me when they were there, he said yes. I told him, if there is any problems please call and he said OK. Tuesday rolls around and I was in the area of the store and stopped to see if the order was there. They looked and looked, no order. The manager tracked the order request down and informed me that the brushes weren't ordered because they weren't paid for. I replied and said I didn't know that they had to be paid for up front and the clerk failed to tell me that on the phone. I also said I told the clerk to call me if there was any problem. No explanation was given as to why all this happened. The manager offered to re-order the parts but I couldn't do that. I had promised my customer to have the vehicle back today. My customer was already upset that he had to wait 3 days to get parts. I panicked, left the store and started scouring the valley for the parts I needed and got lucky finding them 45 miles away at a NAPA store.

After previous disappointments with this store and this last incidence, I just don't trust Autozone parts or their business practice. They have caused aggravation and a big loss of money. I would not recommend Autozone to anyone who has any auto mechanical abilities, if you value your reputation.

P.S. Been a Auto/Truck mechanic for 45+ years, built on a excellent reputation of customer satisfaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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To put it simply Autozone and its employees are as useless as their parts. Corporate needs to take a long look at the problems.

Chances are they don't use their own products on their cars. They make the big $$ anyway so why bother.


Auto zone in eagle Rock, Los Angeles Ca shady practices continue I purchased lifetime warranty brake pads back in 2009 the brake pads were removed for replacement due to wear they tell me there not in the system when the year before I was in the system luckily I had my receipt. I have been a loyal customer for years but now im taking my business to Oriely.


I have had to replace a starter for my ford f150 multiple times because of bad parts. I got no satisfaction from the store I bought the junk from or from the corporate office.

I have been a mechanic for 30 yrs.

Have bought a lot from this company but now I'm done. They are rude and could care less about their customers who the time and money their selling inferior parts costs you!


All special order parts have to be paid for at the time the order is placed. This has been the policy from the start.

If you have a commercial account, then you can place the order by phone and they will charge it to your account.

As for the parts not holding up, perhaps you should switch up to the Duralast Gold series of starters and alternators - they are NEW, not remanufactured.

All parts have a technical help line service available should you run into any issues or concerns while installing them.

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