Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I called to request an auto part for my vehicle. I gave him my information and he told me to hold up.

I waited for over 30 minutes before hanging up and calling back. I called back and he picked up the phone. He requested me to repeat the given information again only to put me on hold again. I called a third time and he hung up.

Nobody should receive such poor quality services.

They should have a more competent employee to help provide assistance over the phone. I'm never going to call this company again for their poor service over the phone.

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Autozone has this *** logic on phone calls. They actually TRAIN employees to give the customers on the phone priority.

Reason being, the customer in the store is already there.

In there minds they are still trying to lure that customer on the phone into the store. End result, you get shafted in the store at the parts counter while, at the most, 3 red shirts are expected to handle the phones, customers waiting to check out, the cranky elderly lady waiting for YOU to change the head light on her 2002 Buick Century, and the 3 *** who expect a 19 year old kid that works at autozone to diagnose there 2005 Grand Caravan thats throwing 12 codes...


Go back to the store. Outside there should be a phone number to the District Manager and file a complaint :)

@AutoZone Employee

Autozone's policy is like a lot of other companies. Acknowledge customers right away or within three phone rings. And that's the way it is.

Employees prefer to deal with customers that are IN THE STORE, not telephone shoppers that aren't there. It's rude to customers that are already there getting parts and have their money out.

Telephone people don't get to move to the head of the line while their at home sitting on their couch watching TV, with a a cigarette or beer in one hand and the phone in the other. (Only one thing worse than this is when lazy guy is yelling at his girlfriend or wife to repeat what he's saying instead of getting on the phone himself).

Think about it. If you were buying anything, would you want someone who is not even at the store to all of the sudden take priority.

As far as you know, this guy you wanted to look up parts for you may have had to deal with ten other phone calls in 30 minutes AND real flesh and blood customers, yet YOU are the most important person in the world and he should drop everything he's doing. So he's getting behind and misplace a piece of paper. I don't know what you do, but it's probably not retail and certainly you could probably not handle since you thing the world revolves around you.

You blame Obama for everything too, don't you?


WTF dose Obama have to do with poor customer service?


I'd say more likely he's an Obama fan, and he's probably still blaming Bush for everything.

@AutoZone Employee

Filing a complaint? Good luck with that.

For u, you"ll receive a 20.oo gift card. But for Jeremy he will get written up and a ding on his evaluation. As for autozone they will not fix the problem which lack of help. You can't really blame Jeremy though, he is in a situation that he has 4 customers in his line for parts.

3 customers at the regiester to b rung up. 2 customers outside with hood up waiting for free engine code read. While all this time the phones are banging off the wall. Corporate only allots so many hours per week so most of the time they are understaffed.

That's not Jeremy's fault. Your frustration and questions should be directed to corporate. Ask them why autones philosophy and values is to put the customer first and give each customer that WOW service and hand store the hours for a skeleton crew. Not fair to the employee and especially not fair to the CUSTOMER.

Nothing will change.....so u might as well get that gift card. Then you can stand in line to redeem it.


So so true

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