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The "OEM" quality radiator I purchased, was not! The rad.

was not all metal, 2 row instead of 3, fan shroud had to be trimmed due to tranny lines and lower hose inlet and mounting hole were off, just to start. The fill neck is slightly lower than upper coolant hose outlet, which caused air pocket and lead to head gasket failure. This truck doesn't have a problem with this nor does it require a bleeder screw. I 1st contacted radiator manufacture to discuss this matter.

The manu. stated that some vehicles have to be jacked up to rid the vehicle of this condition. (case closed with them) Now I turn to AZ (store manager SHAWN to area manager DONNY to AZ claims Randy). To some it up their claims "specialist" didn't want to here that the radiator was not as advertised.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the box was opened, marked send back and taped up! The sales person CRYSTAL said that it was fine but she failed to mention that instal manual with the air pocket warning was not in it!

Guess who had to eat it! Thnx AZ

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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The fact that there were SO many differences and yet you continued to install this?


If the part was correct for the vehicle - it should be identical - you should not have to start rigging anything unless you're building a Rat Rod.

The very fact that there were 2 rows instead of 3 should have been the big clue that you had the wrong part.

I hope you finally got the correct item.


Yep their radiators are definitely ***!DO NOT BUY HERE!


You blame the store for a part they didn't make, that you installed knowing it was not fitting correctly, and that you did not bother to research the proper installation method and air bleeding procedure. Sounds like your fault to me.

I work on cars a lot. At the first sign the part is not correct I take it back to compare to my core or another new part. The employess are not there when you install it and have no way of knowing whether it is the right part other than the part number on the box.

You are the mechanic not them.



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