Draper, Utah
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Draper, Utah. My engine light came on.

Took it to Autozone. They plugged in their code reader & got a "air filtration" message. Bought an air filter, installed it & went back to Autozone. I asked for the code reader to clear the engine light.

Some new, low knowledge girl told me they no longer clear codes. I asked to borrow it for a minute & she refused. Said I had to take it to the dealer. So, let me get this straight.

Autozone has equipment to tell you what needs to be fixed. They sell you the parts to fix it. Then, they tell you to take it to the dealer to clear the code? BS.

I drove 600 yards down the street to O'Reilly's. Cleared the code in 2 minutes. I used to spend about 2K a year at Autozone for our 4 vehicles.

Not anymore. I'm an O'Reilly's customer now.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

AutoZone Pros: Prices.

AutoZone Cons: Service.

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This made me giggle.


It's not illegal to clear the codes.

Autozone as a company would be liable if that check engine light did damage to your car.

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS THERE AS A WARNING. If you clear the warning without properly fixing the issue then engine damage can occur.


well i know in some states it is illegal to clear codes and autozone could be fined for it, including the employee who erased the code.so i dont blame the employee for not letting you clear the code because i wouldnt do it and risk being fined.also, autozone code reader only reads the codes, it doesnt diagnose the exact problem. if the air filter was the problem, your light would go out on his own. have a great day


True, codes can only be read at auto parts stores. Check engine light codes do not go away on there own.

Typically the system has to be cleared by the computer scanner.


Wrong jahoney. Codes can clear themselves after a certain amount of cycles.

A cycle is start/run/shut down. Sometimes it may take 10 cycles, sometimes 25. It all depends on the brand of car.

Once the car's computer feels comforable that the "issue" has been corrected, it will shut off the light. As for AutoZone not clearing the code, it is true that in some states it can be as much as a $10,000 fine if a parts store is clearing them.

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