Galesburg, Illinois

I am a red shirt at my local Autozone. Ive been reading a lot of the reviews and some of them are true.

Believe me I would love to work some place else. But as a recent army vet. and long time car lover working here has been a god send. Yes there are several auto zones that have poor people skills.

But not all are like this. They are touch and go and im sorry for the bad experiences some of you all are having. But in the zones defense you must understand. First off, understand, the parts in our store, we as employees DID NOT MAKE, if you get a defective part please dont take it out on us.

I really hate when people who I didnt sell the part to, talk to me like a peice of *** because the part they got didnt work. I personally do what ever I can to make it right if that involves buying someone something myself, Im not going to set here and complain.

But please consider finding that one employee that does you right and treats you right and only deal with him or her. And thank you for everyone that through all the bad situation still continue to shop at autozone

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

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I understand that many of you might think as an autozoner we were pretty helpless. But when i worked for autzone in 2011 it was a breeze, never had a complaint.

and I learned alot from opening a hood to changing batteries. Yes, we didnt get train but along the way you learned.

Right now i work at Pep Boys, i love it but i Miss working at Autozone, Probably will be back in a week or so. But for all you customers, im sorry for the bad experiences.


The customer walks into the store with out the customer We have no pay check! so when we see a person walk into are store We great them and offer the best parts at the right price to them.

Not act as if we don't care. At least they take the time to walk in.. You have to act as if they where your only customers each time offer the best don't blame them because your not doing your job or your not being trained right. open your eyes look around read the parts boxes red the fuel pump failure problems The tools are right in front of you.

You just need to learn how to use them right.. Im a red shirt part-time working for full time. But i get 35+ hours a week? wanna know why because i do my job!

so if you guys would do your job right then well you wouldn't be mad. Good luck fellow Autozone We need to work as a team to become the best.


Ed: First of all, no AZ employee is trained in an employee, you either pick up what you can, when you can and how you can or you're sunk. So, there's not going to be any "re-training."

While I wouldn't argue with you that there are certainly some workers who don't care, trained or not, as there are in every single job in the country!, there are also people who do care just because they want to do the right job if they can.

You wish to make a complaint, write to their corp. office but don't assume the people at the store are the problem because, 9 out of 10 times, they're not.


im a red shirt at autozone and they do not train. so everyone saying they need to retrain us are barking up the wrong tree, they dont care if you have any automotive experience or even know the function of a headlight. WE ARE NOT TRAINED!!!


You people have got to give the right information to get the right part. we are not mind readers. also we don't give a *** if you shop somewhere else.


The guys at auto zone really don't care if you spend your money there or not, talk to them about it, they don't make a penny on what you spend there, many people make 10 or less and are not affected by the amount you spend there.


10 dollars I wish I am over 2 years I make a whooping 821


Maybe they should be retrained. When I took the part back and they reordered the right part it too was not the right part.

And he did not offer to do any thing about it. I guess You guys don't relly care as long as have our money.

This is way I no longer shop at AutoZone! Because you AUTO SCREW US CAUSE WE"RE IN YOUR ZONE!!!

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