Atlanta, Georgia

on mar 13 i went to autozone to buy parts. when i pulled into the parking lot 2 autozone tractor trailors were unloading and half the parking spaces were taken up.

the remaining spots were full except for one. a pickup was trying to exit coming toward me . ihad to back into this nspot to let him out/ as i very slowly backed into the spot expecting the curb to stop me, i felt a thud and had hit the lite pole base and dented my rear bumper. i have tried to reach the area manager to file a claim because the lite pole base is too close the parking curb.

any other vehicle would hit the pole base. i talked to the manager of the store and he referred me to the area manager. i called hime several times and have yet to talk to him to get this matter resolved.

thi is gross neglect on autozones part. there are no warnings or postings not to use the spot.

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and the poor counter guy has to stand there and deal with idiots like you all day, and you wonder why he sometimes has a bad attitude.


What a DUMMY.You are driving, or attempting to drive, so YOU are supposed to be in control of YOUR vehicle. CRY BABY.....You sir or ma'am, are totally ignorant!!!!!!!!!


You hit the pole and it's AutoZone's fault? Tell us you're kidding, right?


This is 100% your fault, maybe keep your eyes on what your backing up onto. What do we learn in driving school?


It's not that they couldn't drive, just autozone logistics can't get the delivery times right, and, since there's basically not a whole lot of parking lot at most of their facilities, not much room with 2 tractor/trailers, to maneuver around much of anything. Autozone makes their stocks look good, but, they don't care about the customers and/or the associates.


You can't drive so you blame it on Autozone? That's a classic.

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