Palm Springs, California

Autozone is surreptitiously inserting unasked for items onto your bill or receipt. The items are small perhaps costing a dollar or two, small enough so that you might not notice you were being billed for them.

This occurred at an Autozone on Vista Chino in Palm Springs. The fellow who waited on me was a young Hispanic, this might or might not be relevant. But for Palm Springs residents, he should be avoided. I wonder if any other people have had a similar experience?

Is this a chain wide phenomenon or just confined to the store I happen to patronize?

Is this pervasive or an isolated case?.

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I just had this happen to me yesterday at the AutoZone #4027 address 5921 University Ave. San Diego CA.

An extra 18 dollars was added to my receipt. Going in there today to talk to a manager.


More than likely, this man was stealing from the register. He may try a fake refund later, and pocket the cash.

I worked in Asset Protection for many years and I have seen this practice.

Bring it to the store managers attention. He can research the video and refund your money.


WOW im impressed...IF you people want to know the truth about Autozone read DaBrains comments. 100% truth about everything! Which is why Scott(autozones cyber cop) hasnt made any comments.

#534726 a store manager I watched a girl walk UP and DOWN the air conditioning aisle for 5 mins looking for something. When the customer was looking impatient I asked if I could help. He had a part number for AC spark plugs and needed 6 AC plugs R44tsx. I got them, rung him up, appologized, shook his hand, and sent him on his way...then I told the girl to stop looking for his plugs. that I have you attention..HERES THE REAL DEAL!

Well. You are all right. I worked in the stores for 9 years. I already knew about auto parts and was ASE certified b4 I came there so I really only had to be trained on their computer system and retail ways. I have seen the system go from a DOS type green screen to the new mess they call Znet which is like windows. The computer lookup is only as good as the information that is programmed into it. It's seriously 80% right at best. The known correct items are listed at top but if you don't have the know how to read between the lines, the customer will get the wrong parts. It's retail. Look it up at home and bring the part numbers with you is your best bet.

As a store manager you are correct. They DO NOT hire people based on what they know about car parts, only if they can customer service skills. Everything is based on WITTDTJR or what it takes to do the job right. This is the tactic that they train "zoners" into UPSELLING. Ever go into a zone and try to buy 5qts of oil and a filter, without getting the second degree for not buying an air filter, or Lucas fuel injection cleaner or some other "special"? How about that $5 oil drain pan and useless funnel, handcleaner, and a roll of towels. And the big one. PACKETS! These are the little foil pouches that cost maybe a nickel to make but they add them on to your sale because they sell them at $1.29 each. A nice profit if you sell enough. You DONT need BRAKE LUBE. This is where the clueless counterperson will scriptedly sell it to you (with or without your knowledge) to get their points...and the REAL ASE Certified will ASK you if you need a REAL permatex spray brake quiet in a can so you can use it for the next 15 jobs. That and a little grease for pivot points. Employees are TRACKED with reports on how many packets of headlight grease (and the other packets) they sell for every pack of lightbulbs. Another useless item to make a buck. Was there grease on it when you removed it? I didn't think so. Ever walk into a store to buy...say...a $30 air filter and $30 in wipers for $60 and they guy says I'll take care of you...and they ring up like $45 in fuel cleaner or a pack or 2 of headlight bulbs and 15 packets of bulb grease? I've seen it and this is the way a person pads their "report" for the next days readings. ITS CHEATING and ITS the AUTOZONE way. Packets are a fierce competition between stores. and YES, ,employees are held accountable...ugh...accountable...another word they love to throw around to threaten you.

NOW Autozone WILL take care of the customer AFTER a problem arises. Just a quick complaint to a district manager or call to corporate will get you a $20 gift card or more, along with apologys... a daily thing now. AND USE THIS INFO!! ALL grey shirts (management) are very afraid of someone calling a higher up. The management is trained to take care of the customer no matter what BEFORE the customer can call a district manager.

Did you know that some guy fixing your car in the parking lot, working out of his trunk, probably has a commercial account and will get the parts cheaper than you. I mean, he's a legitimate Federal Tax number on file reseller and shop right?

Those brake rotors you paid $48 a piece for... he's going to use the receipt, return them, and rebuy them under HIS account for $25 each. Don't believe me? Hopefully you put them under your phone number when you bought them? See if that transaction is still active and un-returned in a few weeks. When it's probably some bogus employee running though hundreds of warranty files and doing fake returns for your parts. That battery you bought 4 years ago? Probably returned for cash by now. The brake warranty is joke. If you says LIMITED. That phrase alows a store manager to deal with a brake warranty the way HE wants long as nobody calls corporate. Seriously. If I paid you $50 to cut my lawn, are you going to cut it free everytime it grows back? No. You wouldn't! Because you wouldn't make any money doing or giving away items for free which is why stores don't LIKE to exchange pads.

On a better note, the whole check engine light *** that they do will at least give the customer their diagnostic code for free. Write it down, take it, and thank them. Now go home and google the code. DO NOT stick around for the whole speech and speal about how your lean code needs an egr valve or your misfire calls for new plugs. There's a hundred reasons your car is doing what it's doing. Is some kid making 9 bucks an hour going to solve your lifes problems with a $150 machine? If you don't understand what your doing, chances are you shouldn't be under your hood in the first place. Go to a reputable mechanic instead. Do you go to the doctor and say "I'm just tired" and he says YEP, you have such and such, here's a script. NO. He diagnoses the problem first, which stems back to the first part of the story.... SO AFTER THAT GIRL IS DONE LOOKING FOR HER AC PLUGS, MAYBE SHE CAN GO HOOK UP WIRES TO YOUR BMW's CAR BATTERY OR EXPENSIVE COMPUTER PORT under the dash AND TELL YOU WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR CAR.

And YES. Corporate DOES cut your hours at the end of the business quarter to make their stocks look good.... and YES, it does leave stores with 2 people in it after 5pm and most Sundays. I apologize to the Zoners that think that they are lifers and climbing the ladder fast. I started as a grey shirt, in a hub store, was made store manager 18 months later, and really have seen it all... from working 70 hours a week, to midnight BS phone calls with LP as we tracked eBay for stolen merchandise. Even went to the Regionals BBQ at his home. I was a trusted employee, but when the call to move up and out came, I left faster than flies to *** . . and my life got better from there.


I'm a current employee and I totally agree with you. My certs are comparable to yours and 40+ years.

I took a job with AZ because I thought my knowledge and experience would help. Boy was I ever wrong!!! They don't hire to help the customer.

They hire to sell and up sell. If someone can sell the COC and packets of *** they have a future with AZ even though they don't know squat about a car.I have no intention of staying but I will stay and try to actually help the customer until they cut my hours for lack of needless up sells.


Here's the real deal and the way it is suppose to work. Autozone's is about sell it right keep it sold.

Another is for the DIY ( do it yourself-ers) to make sure a customer leaves with what he/she needs to do the job right the first time. To keep customers (who take it upon themselves to resolve any mechanical issue) coming back with part failure due to not having what is needed. It is not autozone's policy to pad tickets. That is dishonest of the individual.

Being Hispanic nothing to do with race. That can happen with anyone! If this happens then a higher level of management should be notified. Autozone cares for there customers and set a level of high expectations for their zoners to work by.

Yes it is also a sales tactic it's a business. Do your research on sales development and marketing, it's everywhere! In reference to the bulb grease. If a bulb is installed then it is highly recommended to put the grease in the socket to keep moisture from reaching the contacts.

This will help keep a longer life of the bulb. It also acts as a cushion. Keeps vibration down. After a period of time it can cause the contacts to wear.

If you don't have the grease you'll spend not only 6$ for a pack of bulbs when u only need one you'll also end up having to replace the socket if the contacts are worn. Thus causing a new bulb to loose connection. Next time ask what are the feature and benefits of the related item. They will explain it to you.

Autozone will never make you buy only offer. Again it is not their policy to pad a ticket. It is to ensure they are going the extra mile to help customers do the job right the first time.

Talk to upper level management if you see someone being dishonest. It will be resolve when you talk to the right person.


No...him being Hispanic has nothing to do with it. I'm an ex employee and we have been told to just ring up our "check out challanges" and if the customer doesn't like it then they can bring whatever it is back.

Bulb grease for light bulbs and brake grease for brakes are done this same way!!!!

AutoZone could care less for the customer....especially if they will tell their employees to just "ring you up". That is so dishonest!!!


:grin @ Anonymous5! LOL it is apparent this website is for people to complain, if you don't like it, maybe you should move your 98% brown nosing butt on to a website that glorifies incompetence of AZ!


His being hispanic is certainly not relevant. If you pay attention you will notice this sort of phenomenon exists at pretty much any business.

It is simple sales tactics. For example, you order a burger at Burger King or wherever and they ask you if you want cheese or not. You may, as I would, assume that they are asking this out of consideration for customers who are lactose intolerant or who are trying to cut at least a few calories off of their burger. Not so.

There is an extra charge for a slice of fake processed prison grade cheese, maybe to the tune of 50 or 75 cents that they don't mention. They know that you assume a slice of cheese is included considering all of the pictures of the burger show it having cheese on it, and that having cheese is sort of the industry standard, so they know you will just instinctively say yes without noticing that it costs extra. Places like Autozone will do similar things to get add on sales. This has nothing to do with the counter people, or autozone, or burger king.

It has to deal with greedy business executives. Those little add ons of a buck or two are what bring in the real profits, because typically they have a profit margin of well over 100%, if not a 1000%. This way they can draw consumers in with a super low advertised price, but then still make out in the end when they hit them with the add ons. This is usually referred to as a "loss leader." Advertise something even cheaper than you can buy it for, but then make your real money with an add on sale that they assume you will buy because you're already getting such an "awesome deal." Go get your oil changed at a jiffy lube or monroe muffler or whatever.

You can bet your *** that theyre going to try to talk you into changing your air filter or brake pads or whatever while youre there, because they don't make *** on an oil change for 19.99. It's actually quite possible that they're only breaking even or even losing money, so they count on add on sales to keep the lights on. At any rate, the bean counters hammer this stuff into the peon employees on the sales floor of any business, (would you like to supersize that? Would you like to purchase the extended warranty?

While I was changing your oil I noticed that you need a new oil filter. etc) These businesses then "project" what percentage of sales should include a high profit add on, and then harrass, scream at, threaten, and berate the entry level employees until the (typically unbelievably high) sales quota is met (or else....). What was padded into your receipt probably was mentioned to you, and you probably just agreed and nodded because they phrased the sales pitch in such a way that it sounded like it was an included feature, not an add on sale (remember the example of the cheese on your whopper.) Sales associates learn this technique because it's often the only way to meet the "projected" percentage that their expected to hit, and are penalized if they don't. If it was not mentioned, well that is most certainly an unethical business practice, and you should seek the assistance of management to be reimbursed, and the employee who cheated you should be reprimanded.

But remember, that guy with the name tag on doesn't give a *** if you add on x, y, or z with your purchase, he or she is just sick of being harassed and threatened by their higher ups. Trust me man, this *** is everywhere.


Him being Hispanic is irrelevant. If you had a quantity small priced items that might have been the case.

You should have gone back in and POLITELY asked what these things were.

If it wasn't resolved then file a complaint. If you didn't do anything then you're at fault just like 98% of the other people who complain about this company on this website.

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