AutoZone SAYS they want their employees to be ASE certified. If you pass the pretest, they will let you take an ASE test, pay for the registration fee and test fee. Good deal. There are four time during the year that ASE offers test certification, but AutoZone will let employees go to only two of the four times. I wanted to get additional certification for several reasons. To increase my knowledge as an employee and to be as professional as possible. Customers do notice when you wear the ASE pin. Since AutoZone claims they want employees to be ASE certified, I try to lead by example by being certified. I had hoped people I work with would take the test, but they always say why? Autozone won't pay us anymore.

I tried to sign up for additional tests this fall session of 2014. They now limit the number of tests they will allow you to take to one. Shortly after registration was open, AutoZone listed that they would not allow any more employees to signup.

If AutoZone REALLY wanted to encourage the employee you see to be properly trained and a professional, they could open up sessions at all four opportunities instead of just twice a year. They could allow their employees to be certified in several areas instead of just one or two a year.

What's even worse, AutoZone won't pay you for the time you spend taking the test or claiming gas mileage reimbursement. They won't give you a raise by doing what the are asking you to do even though they can advertise to customers how many people are ASE certified. It's a one way advantage and scam.

To pass an ASE test, you really have to study before hand which means purchasing a study guide in print or online. Autozone won't reimburse OR stock these training books by Delmar even though they are only $25. If a customer wants to buy a Haynes manual, the customer has to purchase a $26 manual that is not taylor written for a vehicle, but may cover a ten year period. Save your money and consider purchasing an AllData subscription or a dealer shop manual.

Autozone owns AllData.com. A good source of information for your specific year, make, and model. Some libraries offer this service for free. You would think AutoZone would want to promote AllData. They don't. If I want to help you, a paying AutoZone customer that is relying on us, I may be at a lost, because AllData is not available to AutoZone employees. If I had AllData at even one computer at work, I would be able to answer questions or print what you need.

AutoZone is a Fortune 500 company with stock well over $500 a share. They invest millions in loaning free tools and not making a dollar from them. They have WITTDTJR. What it takes to do the job right is a slogan to remind customers what they need and to increase sales. For those of you that came to our store to purchase parts like car fittings or nuts and bolts I hope you were successful. Too often we have to refer customers to a competitor because we don't have those car parts. However, we do carry fuzzy dice, stickers, dual bladed wiper arms. Basically a whole isle of dime store ***. But not what you really need when you're car is broke down.

Mr. William C. Rhoades lll has an annual salary of over $5,000,000. Check this site out: http://www.forbes.com/lists/2012/12/ceo-compensation-12_William-C-Rhodes-III_DCK2.html. He may be worth it in these days of excessive CEO salaries, but when it's on the backs of the people YOU see and help you when you are wanting a bit of advice and professional service, he's no where to be seen.

Yet Mr. Rhoades won't let me be have more than Thanksgiving and Christmas off even though others are off weekends, holidays, and nights. I'm working when they're with their families, sleeping or golfing.

My purpose in writing this is to let customers know that AutoZone is top heavy in administration and are not helping you, the customer in ways that they could. I'm trying to let customers know that while AutoZone may be providing the Chinese part you desire, they don't provide proper training to employees. We do have WITTDTJR meetings periodically where we do an AutoZone cheer and teach us how to sell checkout packets of useless product.

AutoZone has a 50% turn over rate for employees. What does that tell you? Did you know MOST store managers that are with AutoZone are hired from outside the company? Managers that are with AutoZone usually don't want to be promoted because of the ill will between district personnel and store personnel. AutoZones philosophy is that they have Z-Net and everything you need to know about cars and parts is on their computer. Really? Does the store manager that managed a toy store really know more than someone who currently works at AutoZone or turned wrenches really know more? No, they hire outside managers because district managers treat store managers with little to no respect. It's a cultural belief to intimidate people to get them to do what they want instead of leading by example. An example of that is by a current AutoZone employee that used to be a district manager that got fired and then rehired as an outside sales manager. Tony had a large ring of several used Autozone employee discount cards. When training a new store manager, he would present them to the new employee. When the employee asked what that was, Tony said those were all the people he had fired. Wow. What a good way to motivate new employees. Glad you're back with AutoZone. Sorry Okawville, Illinois!

I used to push those extra little items at the check out that AutoZone makes millions off of. I used to rationalize that asking for that sale was no big deal and I did do that. Problem is most of those little packets from AGS are snake oil and doesn't promote extended life. Many spark plug manufactures do not recommend using anti-seize on their spark plugs. Anti-seize can increase over tightening and get in the combustion chamber damaging cylinder walls. Most plugs already have the necessary coating on the threads from the factory. AGS also says put on some of their Sil-Glyde® Lubricating Compound on the back of brake pads to eliminate squeaking. Millions of these packets have been sold. I have never had one brake pad returned that still had the grease on it. Brakes get very hot and the grease melts off very quickly. Grease and brakes do not go well together.

I know that many readers of this will say shut up, you're lucky you got a job and so on. I could jet other jobs and at a higher pay, but I like a lot of things about AutoZone. I not only want better things for me and the people I work with, but our customers as well. Cutting and running doesn't help anything or anybody. Often that's a cowards way out. I truly want AutoZone to properly train and value people and carry the right parts at the right price.

Christmas is coming up. Maybe I could send Mr. Rhoades some fuzzy dice.

Reason of review: AutoZone Issues.

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