Danville, California

I recently ordered a part on line for a NEW MAF sensor through Autozone that was manufactured by cardone. Autozone also listed other MAF sensors as "remanufactured" at half the price, but I decided I wanted a brand new one.

The part I received a week later was an obvious remanufactured part, you can tell it had been bead blasted, the plastic thing on the top was a little beat up as well. I guess they think people are ***, they apparently thought I wouldn't know the difference. The sad thing on my part is that I found the same part on other websites for 1/2 the price. Autozones markup is outrageous.

After discussing this with autozone, they wanted it shipped back next day air, which was done. I've yet to receive my new part and I'm getting the run around from them. I've filed a suit with the FTC as well as a complaint to the BBB. I will never buy from them again either at a local store or online.

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You think the bead blasted a plastic part? Do you know what bear blasting even is?

That thing would be dust after a bead blast.

Also, why get mad at autozone when its a cardone part. Cardone produces, boxes and ships the part to autozone who than sells it.


Have you thought that it may have been misboxed at the manufacturer?

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