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Shitful batteries. I purchased a Duralast battery back in Dec of 2013, had to get rescued by a friend because the battery shorted out which resulted in killing my car while I was driving.

I had the battery 6 months when it did that. I received a new battery at no charge. I believe it is around 23 months old now, just recently cleaned off corrosion and checked terminals, left the car at the eye doctor after a procedure. Picked it up later and it had trouble starting.

Got home and looked. The battery had been leaking fluid all over the place, completely corroded my + terminal connection, it crumbled in my hand. My car is now stranded AGAIN. I called Autozone to ask what they could offer me for assistance or help with a new battery and was told that the warranty only covers the original battery so I'd have to repurchase the battery.

He stood behind duralast quality in batteries, I informed him that after 2 in 3 years that these are the worst and unreliable. He also informed me that if I brought the battery in he could "try to clean it up for me".

What a man! I may be female but its a nonrefillable battery so how the *** is that helpful?

Product or Service Mentioned: Duralast Battery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Batteries have an average lifespan of 2-3 years. Only 3 major companies make batteries in the US and most of the batteries sold are made by Johnson Controls.

You can go buy a battery elsewhere and it will just be the same battery with a different branding on it.

If your battery goes out within a year span then yeah, maybe the battery was bad from the get go. If it lasted 2-3 years and it craps out on you, then it lasted it's expected lifespan. Corrosion on the battery terminals and posts are your responsibility to clean because you're supposed to maintain your car and your terminal broke off. Autozone sells dielectric grease and ring Protectants to prevent it.

It's not AutoZone's fault, it's yours for not taking care of it. Heck, that could of caused the battery to fry for all I know.

Have fun blaming other people for something you could have prevented.

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