Sierra Vista, Arizona
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i was hired part time no benefits,so far i have yet to see any part time hours or any days off, what happened to labor laws. i also worked 113 hrs and they only paid me for 104 schedule said i had sunday off in big letters..theycalled me and said i was supposed to be there at days off since the 16th and i have to work through the 27th are there labor laws for arizona this is the autozone in sierra vista arizona,many employees are very unhappy with the way this branch is ran...i might file a complaint with arizona dept. of labor

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Contact your states dept. of labor.They will fine them and will get you the money you are owed.It is what you pay taxes for.Use it.


go to the front door and call the district manager or regional manager( the numbers are posted at every store)113 hrs in 2 weeks thats 8 hrs per day with 33 hours being overtime @1.5 times regular rate of pay. recommend someone to take your extra hours there are a lot of people needing a job

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