Deltona, Florida

At Autozone they take tremendous pride in customer service. I am shocked to hear that this kind of customer service is tolerated.

Please before you leave any Autozone with an unpleasant experience write down the phone number of the District Manager and make the call. They will not only compensate you for the mistreatment, they will make sure that the individual is dealt with. I am a part-time Autozoner and will say at my store I will not put up with another employee acting in a unprofessional manner. That is not acceptable.

I would call the DM myself.

very sorry to read some of these stories. most Autozoners do care that you are happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

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im a red shirt and ALOT of this is true.. i try and help everybody but theres only so much i can control i dont make the parts but were not trained and one of the red shirts i work with is always late and never works and just tells the customers what they wanna hear and does NOT give accurate advice and the managers have been told numerous times and do nothing about it. autozone only cares about there money and how many COC a person sells, not there customers.


I don't know what auto zone you go to but the one I go to all the time in Springfield tn I always get a good services

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