Marysville, Ohio
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I recently purchased a mirror replacement kit (Permatex) and followed the instructions to the "T". When i took the item back to our Waverly, Ohio store, I left with nothing except an upset customer.

If you think you can do something, my address is Frank Conkel 206 Seventh St. Waverly, Oh 45690. Unless something is done I WILL NOT go in your store again except to get honored guarantees.

I have done business with this store since it opened and have had no problem except for now.

I do not, repeat do not plan to enter your store again unless something is done.

I am a senior and do not appreciate the service I received. Thanks

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Instead of getting upset at the employees or the company in general, read the receipt and follow the chain of command.

Since the return doesn't fit the normal guidelines, as the receipt clearly states that "Requests for refunds may be denied if the item has been used" you may need to speak to the store manager, as making an exception may be up to his/her discretion, and the workers on duty most likely would've done it for you if they didn't have to follow the boss orders. But if you actually did speak to the store manager, and he/she also refused to help, then ask for the district managers ph# next, and I'm sure you would have your $4 back before you could dial that number.


hey *** autozone isnt reading this website to look for your personal info. contact them directly if you want anything



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