Dallas, Georgia

purchase battery AT AUTOZONE ATLANTA GA STORE 0978- foR 115.99 -core charge 12.00 -at check-out no credit for bringing old baTTERY TOTAL CHARGE 115.99 PLUS TAX 9.28 TOTAL 125.27-RIPP-OFF NO CREDIT FOR BATTERY CORE TRADE -IN ON RECIPT -12.00????!!!!ASK SALE PERSON HE STATED CORE CHARGE WAS NOT A refund CREDIT.....autozone had no credit for core refund charge-tell all not to buy at autozone auto parts -ripp -off on core return charge for battery-recipt show minus 12.00 core- trade -in but no credit off battery price purchase

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I can't understand why Auto zone advertise a battery for a specific price but when you purchase the battery, they add an additional $18.00 core to the original price of the battery. Instead of charging $150.00 for the product why not charge $168.00? This method of doing business is extremely misleading.


Same experience in Taos,nm so why return the battery core I would rather take the battery to a recycling center myself ... This is a rip off and only AutoZone gains in mass return on old battery and the consumer is screwed .if they have 100 battery returned at $18 a day then that's $1800 profit for the company per day and where is the consumer break . Completely screwed by cooperate America


the problem is that they should be advertising the price of the battery without the discount ...then they should tell you that theres a discount....not , advertising the discounted price and then telling you theres an extra charge...its misleading... and once they have you at the counter its likely you'll just pay the extra.


The price you paid was with the core credit . Exchange Price.

They would have added +12.00 dollars if You didn't get credit. You were wrong and should retract your statement !


you are an ***, a core charge is not taken off the sales price of an item, it is an additional charge that is waived if you bring in the core at the time of purchase otherwise you are charged that core price until such time as you return the core

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