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Pissed customer doesn't even begin to express the way I feel about this company right now. If anyone out there is thinking about purchasing a AutoZone steering box you might want to go somewhere else.

I rarely EVER get so upset and frustrated over auto parts especially, but I believe the quality of there parts have gotten to be very low quality. Case in point: I purchased a steering box for my 2001 Jeep after realizing my Jeep, (with 200,000 + miles) started having some wondering issues, right away you think steering box, I I went and purchased one then two the three then 4!!!! Yes, I had that MF'R on and off 8 *** times!!!!! Their junk *** rebuilt steering gearbox's ( that are suppose to be "fully reconditioned" were far from that.

The first one I R&R'd gushed fluid out of the rear, the other 3 had 4 or more inches of play in them etc. Come to find out the rebuilder (Who in the *** only know's who that is) must have basically, the way it seemed cleaned them off (bead blasted) or what ever they do to shine em up, painT them up and ship them out to their loyal customers (Me) being one of them since 2000. In all fairness AZ themselves did not rebuild them, but they do hire the companies that rebuild them, and probably at a super discounted price! I can see getting one defective gearbox, excepting it and moving on..but 4 in a row?

OMG!!! That's on and off 8 times! They also turned in my core in like 2 days and at first said basically (I don't know what to say, we can't get your core back) So on the 4th trip the district manager just happened to be in working that store that day, I told him all the BS I have been through and by the grace of lady luck or whom ever I got a full refund but it took almost a month of calls and up and down the chain of command to finally get it, but I still had NO core ($75) to give and I am out the core charge, which sucks and is totally unfair, not to mention the numerous trips to the store and the labor involved (R&R) removing and replacing that *** 8 times! Their gearboxes are not the only reconditioned parts I have had issues with, as I am sure lot's of other customers out there have experienced the same things.

Okay, I go to Advance Auto Parts and buy the same gearbox and in one amazing installation it worked like brand new! It cost about $11 more but so well worth it! I know it happens to all parts stores and I can understand that. Honestly I have made my last trip to AZ!

There are lots of different issues I went through in this purchase but I could be here or 2 hrs writing about them but I believe you understand my total frustration with them and get my point. Yet another unsatisfied customer, imagine that!

Product or Service Mentioned: Steering Box.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You chose the product and paid for it. You chose to go back and buy the exact same item again and again.

How is this their fault? You had and have choices, why do you blame others for the fact that YOU made those choices? Are you not an adult? Do you not accept responsibility for YOUR actions?

The auto parts store does not make the parts.

Even if it has their names on the package, someone else fabricated the item. Maybe accept that you have done all of this to yourself and find a better quality parts company that you can afford.


Is that all you have to do is monitor pissed customer reviews? Listen A-HOLE...if you will read what I said instead of coming to AZ's defense..

Are you "AZ Man" the auto parts super hero? Oh wait I bet your a AZ employee or worse yet a AZ manager wanna be! I went back all those times for the very reason I spoke of, I was already in it for the long run, they took my core and with no core I would still be charged the core charge at the place where I finally decided to hope for a quality part, and did receive it at Advance Auto Parts!

My loyalty to AZ is no longer there. I accept responsibility for all my actions, do you??


I have to agree with the response that you were given. Don't know if he/she is an AZ employee or not but they are stating a fact.

You had a choice, and btw O'reileys, Advance all use the same same remanufacturer so I guess you lucked out at the Advance store.

I can tell by you response that you have composure since you result to name calling and what not - not exactly as you describe yourself as getting getting rarely upset, but then again this must not be the first time this happened at AZ because your title even says "one of many"

btw I do not work for AZ or any autoparts stores, nor am I an auto parts hero, but then again I do not hide behind a keyboard when I want to berate someone with childish name calling and vulgarity. I was just reading various reviews and I do not "monitor" this site.

Have a good night, I hope I steered you in the right direction for self control.


Onlooker... You know what?

You need to mind your own business. I was stating the facts and what I had experienced with this particular item and transaction so maybe someone else might not have to go through the same thing's as I have. Their vendor of this item in question was not doing their job as well as expected according to the representative I spoke with and changes were being put in place to address this issue. I really don't need to be critiqued by you and honestly I don't need you commenting on this matter any further.

You know nothing about this particular transaction you just feel the need to stick your nose in someone business. Your the one hiding behind your computer, probably because you have nothing better to do.

Get a hobby or something..move out of your Mommy's basement, leave me alone and keep your opinions to yourself. You have no idea what went on or any of the facts in this case!

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