Employee's of autoparts stores like Auto Zone steer auto repair to thier buddies. I was told I have a bad bearing and need to see "Bob Marshall" he is an expert, and will fix you up at very low cost.

After trying to get ahold of Bob, I went back to the store and "Jeff" called and got right ahold of hime. I rushed my car out. Bob said He could have it fix in 3 - 4 days. 14 days later I was told I need a new engine.

It was a scam. A garage fixed it no problem. Do not take your car to a back woods hick that is recommended by an auto zone employee.

Go to a reputable brick and mortor repair facitly. I wasnt sure I would even get my car back and was actually wondering if I might show up missing, after visiting this hillbilly *** hole of a residence.

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Collette you blame AZ because you did not make your car payment? Now that is really low and unfair.

I would be ashamed to call myself a vet if this how you conduct yourself.

As to the posters problem: YOU ARE A CHEAP ***! You went for the low ball fix and got burned. No ones fault but your own.

The fact that the shade tree mechanic was working out of his home should have clued you in the he was probably not ASE Certified or insured or offered any type of warranty on his work.

Blame others for your choice in mechanics? That's ***


when auto zone recommends you to a shop it is your choice to take it their and auto zone has no control over how long it takes to complete the job. now days everyone's a back woods mechanic so if you have that problem again or if anyone else does that reads this then take it up with the shop that you had it fixed at not autozone


They have a track record as a company for screwing, for lack of a better term, their customers! I have created a meeting place with details about my so called "claim" with AutoZone called stopautozoneabuse.

My issue began last year, in July and they are now threatening to counter sue me in public court documents if I do not accept their $750.00 offer, which does not come close to covering even the original damages to my vehicle, much less the fact that since my vehicle was repossessed as a direct result.

I am a disabled U.S. Army Veteran and I have created the one stop voicing, stopautozoneabuse to bring awareness to the companies shady practices, their habit of treating their customers as an expendable part of their business and so on in the hopes that it will motivate the company to at the very minimum be held liable by the "court of public opinion"!

It is time AutoZone finds out that customers are NOT an expendable part of any business, and that they simply cannot posture and threaten their customers to cover up their wrongdoings! StopAutoZoneAbuse!

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