Tempe, Arizona

This morning I had a very upsetting experience with David Munoz, manager at store 3387 on Ray road in Chandler AZ. I took my failed battery in and he was rude and condescending as he scolded me about the problem probably not being the battery but something in my car.

I commented that the alternator light wasnt on and he got even more rude, saying the alternator light is only for idiots. At that point I just shut up and he said to come back in an hour, he needed to charge the battery. I have never seen a less qualified person working with the public. He acted as though he was trying to provoke me into a confrontation with him, like a schoolyard bully.

I will never return to Autozone, not even for warranty replacement on the many parts I have purchased through the years. I was pleased to not see him when I returned. He was out to lunch, thank the Lord. I voiced my complaint to another employee when I returned and hour later and he apologized sincerely.

I would be very surprised if David Munoz doesnt run off even more customers today. There is an O'reiley store just across the street.

David lost Autozone a long time customer. And the problem was indeed the battery.

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Wow! What he could of said was: "Sir, part of our policy is to first check if this battery is even good, if its on low charge it'll take about an hour to charge.

If the battery comes out bad, we will swap it out or if its not under warranty you can purchase a battery and we'll gladly install it for you. After the installation, we can test your starter and the alternator to see what the real problem is."


please contact me at scott.koch@autozone.com I would like to discuss the incident with you. I work at the corporate office and the kind of service you are describing is simply unacceptable. regards, Scott

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