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I *** about my spouse driving 50 miles a day for *** wages. To add insult to injury, they do threaten to fire you even when employees don't perform to their expectations.

My spouse was placed on an improvement plan because the people at that store weren't forcing extra merchandise onto their customers. They weren't meeting the goals set by Auto Zone so the first person they blame is management. The District Managers are such jerks. I am sure Auto Zone will be around for ever because they are the #1 parts sales company.

But they should appreciate the people that got them there.

It's all about the all mighty dollar.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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its just chain of command, not personal. whenever ur spouse accepted his management position, his compensation increased but along with that comes now being responsible and generally held accountable for both bad performance/WITT numbers.

i think a plan is kinda thoughtfulish of the company personally, idk bout for ur spouse specifically but just in general. i mean many places would kick you to the curb rather than try to give u an opportunity to fix things and establish that he can produce good results. personally, my long term managers have been awesome, but i dont try to push anything onto people, u try to offer the things related to the customers job, to try to make things a little more convenient for them. i mean yes u sell but not something that isnt of use to them.

just about any thing i have come across yet, my managers first concern is always take care of the customer if at all possible. u can make an offer w/o "pushing" anything, that is a misunderstanding of his responsibilities, he is simply supposed to make sure it is offered to every customer, not pushed, fella says no he means no, u dont ask him again until the next transaction. not being critical btw, im just saying perhaps he has or u hav a slight misunderstanding there.

hope all works out good 4 him. :zzz

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