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I called Autozone in Shawnee, OK, this morning to inquire about a "water-in-fuel sensor" for my 2005 GMC Duramax. I told the clerk that I was really hopeful that this was not a dealer item like I had been told at O'Reilly. He looked it up and told me it was in fact NOT a dealer item and that, although it wasn't in stock if I would come in and pay for it, he could have it there same day. He quoted me a price of $84 and some-odd cents. I made some comment about that being an awful lot for a piece of plastic and he said, "It would be a lot more from a dealer, though."

I called one of your competitors to see if they had the part in stock, and they, too (like O'Reilly) told me this was a dealer item. I told him, "Autozone said they could get it and that it wasn't a dealer item." He told me, "They lied to you. They will buy it from the dealer and mark it up. You call the dealer and if they are higher than Autozone, call me back and I'll beat the price."

Well, I called the dealer. They have the part in stock, which by the way, IS a dealer item, and it retails for $35.09.

So, I guess it stands to reason that Autozone could get me the part in one day-- the dealership is about 2 miles from their store. The dealer told me that it's a standard practice with this store. It's a ripoff is what it is.

First of all, I understand free enterprise and making a profit-- I don't have a problem with that. But, the employee flat out LIED to me and I do think a nearly 60% markup is ridiculous. Secondly, I don't appreciate being called, "Darlin" by some *** I've never even met. Thirdly, and mostly, I can't stand being told a bald-faced lie. Is this what they consider good customer service? After this experience I will never step foot into another Autozone. I will also make sure that every person I can reach will know about my experience and make strong recommendation that they don't shop there, either. I am also considering making a formal complaint with the better business bureau. This type of practice is unethical and it's very demeaning that Autozone employees are obviously instructed to assume that the consumers that walk into their stores are too *** to check around and catch their lies.

I'm done. I will walk to work every day before Autozone will ever get another penny of my money.

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Autozone does not buy parts from dealers and resell them, the dealers buy parts from us and resell them at a markup. Also, the term "Dealer item" refers to the fact that a part is ONLY available from a dealer, not if they have it.

Also, you have to realize that just because you called a dealership parts dept.

that doesn't mean that the parts guy knows what he's doing. I have 20 years as an Auto Tech and 1 year as a PSM with AZ.


ryan - they "pay" for their employees like me by charging insane markups on everything, keeping 99% of the money, and giving it away to everyone in corporate in the form of big fat bonuses while the ones doing the work like me get .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of what the company makes.

oh and to the original poster - PLEASE tell everyone about your experience, stop them from coming in, so this *** company will lose money and go bankrupt.


I hope you read this. What this other guy said is true. Only commercial department can order from businesses other than auto zone vendors for auto shops only.

Usually we are much lower than the dealer. But, when it's an abstract part on a newer vehicle it can be less expensive and better.

If it's an unusual part on a newer vehicle, and someone says to me, "that's alot for a little piece of plastic," I'll tell them to check with the dealer. Unlike most of the employees I work with, I mix experience with common sense.

That employee didn't lie to you. O'Rielly's probably has a different policy on outside buys. The Autozone employee is just misinformed that we are always cheaper than the dealer...we're not.


If you knew anything about retail prices can be at times 400%-800% higher than what the company pays. How do you think they pay for employees and keep the stock price as high as it is. This is just not just AutoZone but all retail companies.


8) :grin :grin



Unless you're a comercial repair shop, AutoZone cannot purchase the part from a dealership and sell it to you. Every other auto parts store told you "no" but AutoZone said they could get it for you.

They have no idea what the dealer charges for an item.

What was the "lie" they told you? Next time O'Rilley's tells you to call a dealer, call the dealer and quit wasting other peoples time.

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