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lost card, have a new one, would like to transfer any rewards from the old card . the new card number is, 9101 0006 0775 2897.

the phone number for both cards is 207-968-3118. please transfer credits from the lost card to the new card. i made a purchase on 03-24-17 and could not use my rewards due to not having a card. the clerk stated there is a twenty dollar credit on the old card that can be transfered to the new card.

thank-you .i will be making another purchase as soon as i receive the credits. as soon as i can install the front brakes, i need to get the parts to do the rear brakes.email , jimhome1212@gmail.com

AutoZone Pros: Products and service.

AutoZone Cons: Unable to use rewards credit.

  • Hope To Resolve The Issue
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what you need to do try is.....go to auto zone website https://www.autozone.com/myzone/profile/login.jsp?myZoneLanding=myZone log in to your account, click manage AutoZone rewards card, https://www.autozone.com/myzone/rewards/rewardsPrintCards.jsp from there you can email yourself a copy of your card or print your card from the site directly. This of course only works if you created an AutoZone account previously and linked your rewards card to it. If you did not previously create an account you are in the hands of AutoZone IT's ability to fix a non logistics problem.


I had the same issue... and when I called customer service, I was told there is only one reward account under name and that old reward could not be transferred. I will no longer shop at AutoZone.

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