Poway, California
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I bought the brake pads from Autozone for lifetime warranty, when the time comes to get a new replacement, I brought the old one with the receipt to the store, the Autozone guy said the receipt is not in their system, they don't care about the receipt, they have a very bad system record, I ask them what happen if the guy did not in put in the system how can you know, you suppose to agree with the receipt not your computer system, how can you do they are not going to do nothing for you. I had this problem not just one, this is the second time.

Bad system. For many years I bought things from Autozone, from now on I will not come back again.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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This is suspect. Your receipt has nothing to do with your purchase, everything sold under warranty, gets a warranty lookup. IF indeed you had the warranty, they would have looked it up and swapped out the brakes accordingly.

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