Monroe, Georgia
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I pulled into auto zone "bad battery" late one night all lights on and 6 employes inside including manager but store was closed. my car died in parking lot i asked them to sell me a battery and was told computer was turned off.

I asked for a jump and told they didn't have jumper cables. After sitting in parking lot for "2 hours" they came out and tryed to sell me a battery!!!! At this time I was ready to shove that battery right up his ***. Hope to see them burning in a car with a waterhose in my hand so i can watch it burn for at least "3 hours" and at that time offer to sell them water.

They "auto zone-gainsville ga.- know who i am and for 14 YEARS since have been trashing thier name.

*** YOU AUTO ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Just so happens your battery fails at AZ at closing time.

Sounds like a soap opera to me,and somehow want to just post something cause your bored.

get off ur *** and push your car home or camp out there.and get arrested or wait till they open next morning to continue to be an ***

What do you mean i am not kind?

Just not your kind! :?


Get a life and stop being so bitter. Burning in a car???

Your so dramatic because you had one bad night where you were inconveinenced. :cry People in other countries have to wait weeks to get there parts and they pay at least 3 times as much.

You are a spoiled brat.




If you have been trashing AZ for 14 years didn't you learn your lesson yet. There are only about 5 other autoparts stores to shop at, maybe next time try one of them at closing time for a battery ***

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