Greensboro, North Carolina

I have been shopping the autozone 0487 on battleground ave in greensboro nc for all of my vehicles maintanence needs since I moved to nc 6 yrs ago. Up until today they have been fabulous!!

Great customer service, helpful and knowledgeable associates, the works. So helpful, I have referred a number of people to autozone as well. Today, I went in to purchase and have a headlight replaced. This is not the 1st time I have been to this location for the same service, so when I approached Brian, the sales associate behind the front desk, I was a little taken back when he told me he might not be able to install my headlight but he would look it up.

I assured him he could because I have had it done there in the past. So after we found the bulb that my car needed we went out to my car to get the job done. Turned on my car and the lights so he could see which one to replace then I told him my hood can be a little finicky sometimes to open u just have to "hit it" right. So after he proceeds to do whatever he was doing with my hood for about 30 seconds he simply pushes it shut and says "well I can't put it in for u but I can get u checked out inside." Huh?

So I say "oh, it will open u just have to get the right motion." Then he says, wait for it..."I dont have the time for this." Wow. Sounds to me that he just didnt want to do it. I let him know he could keep the bulb and I would go somewhere else. He just walks inside without a care in the world.

To say the least the customer service I received today was appalling and a complete shock compared to the customer service I have received here in the past. Needless to say I will NEVER turn to autozone AGAIN for any of my cars maintanence needs.

So thank you Brian, the sales clerk, you are solely responsible for your store losing a customer for life! You should feel proud!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

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OMG, are you kidding me *&**#$!!. Who the heck do you think you are and what possessed you to think that you were at a facility that performed that kind of service.

Drive up to the building and you'll see the FREE services provided right on the window. What gives you the right to assume anything different. Just because another employee felt sorry for you (normal people can install their own headlight) doesn't translate to a different employee catering to your unwarranted needs. Those employees are busy inside selling parts such as batteries that installed free of charge.

If an employee tells you that s/he can't do it, then suck it up *** I suppose all this is besides the point, I'm sure you complained to the corporate office and got them to feel sorry for you. *** you probably got some free merchandise credit and the promise that AutoZone will change anything on your car for as long as you live, including engine, suspension and any other part you deem necessary.

And they'll do it right in front of the store. Never mind that what you want will take hours, Corporate is all about making sure the CUSTOMER is provide for, regardless of cost.


Google people Google. And you can replace your own stuff


What type of establishment is this? Oh it's parts sales not parts replace.

People want things for free and if they sqawk loud enough they get it. Ok Brenda since your husband Brad sitting in the car doesn't even know how to replace wiper blades then little Melinda with 15 customers standing in front of her will go out and replace your light bulb as you stand with your arms crossed and tapping your foot. Holy *** if you people would learn the basics on your vehicles!!!!

Oh and I forgot that it was pouring rain too. Smh


Exactly Mousy!! It is shameful that many, and I mean MANY, consumers have this entitlement feeling.

They need {{redacted}} and maybe come back with some common sense. Your comment on the wiper blades is WOW, in a good way. What the *** was wrong with your blades yesterday when it WASN'T raining.

Nope, your pitiful carcass will wait till it's raining outside and then go the store and expect someone working there to cater to your helpless self... not even taking into consideration that this employee must continue to work there for HOURS in wet clothes while you take your happy *** to the house.


You sound like a *** 6 years of great service and one experience sours you forever??


Lawl2018, this is what our society has come to. Shameful that so many feel entitled and are incapable of maintaining their belongings.

What the heck are they going to do when confronted with a similar situation where there isn't an Autozone nearby.

I'm sure they will crumble and that's probably not a bad thing... good riddance.


Autozone is not supposed to install it for you.. they would be very nice if they do.

Also depends on the person knowledge and how complicated is the work needs to be done.If something the person not capable/comfortable with , they of course not going to do that because it will be on their burden.You were spoiled.... you should be grateful they helped you many times


Bingo Leo. Just because there may have been one or more other employees able to do it, they only did it because of what is drilled into their heads...

do whatever it takes to make the customer happy, and I mean ANYTHING. There have been employees replacing suspension and cooling system parts such as radiators at a store in Kentucky.

These employees do this because of the Autozone culture and the potential for monetary reward... all the while leaving their cohorts in the store for hours to manage the hoard of customers.


Autozone is not supposed to install it for you.. they would be very nice if they do. Also depends on the person knowledge and how complicated is the work needs to be done.If something the person not capable/comfortable with , they of course not going to do that because it will be on their burden.You are spoiled person because they have done many times for you on your favor.


Do u think they actually care if u didn't spend $3 on a headlight. No where on their website does it say they install headlights.

You should be thankful that the other associates even installed your lights considering they didn't have to. Most places charge for that because it's much more difficult than a simple battery test, or windshield wiper installation.


It is not their job to install parts on vehicles.

Did you say please and thank you ?

Did you offer a gratuity for something he didn't have to do?

It would appear that the vehicle is lazy and cheap and doesn't want to replace the headlight.

Is there any verbiage in the window that states that AutoZone installs parts on vehicles?

Can I go to your "make believe" job and act like an *** and get you to work on my car for free ?


Actually, their website says they install wiper blades and bulbs.


Lol Thanks Jeff! I left this comments years ago I don't know what just made me want to check it out.

It wasn't even the fact he wouldn't do it it was just his attitude about it...which was actually the bigger issue here! I would have never thought anything of it however as a new driver at the time I had always taken my vehicle which was also my first vehicle to this location. After any small purchase such as a headlight the associates were always so nice and offered to switch it out. My complaint was 100% in reference to this guys bad attitude and lack of customer service which I would have never expected had it not been the standard at this location.

I am a manager at a retail store and always try to go above and beyond when I can!

I haven't been in this autozone since but I might just stop back in next time one of my headlights go out! ;)


@Jeff, Really!? Please provide a link to this statement. Quite honestly, I don't think you will be able to.


Haha. You actually went to autozone to get stuff done.

Those guys are just like you and me not mechanics or techs in anyway.

I would recommend doing it yourself or someone you trust not just some guy. Lol.


We don't get paid enough for doing the same service that a repair shop would do for $70/hr.


That is too bad. After all of those years of "great customer service" that you stated had been rendered to you, that one person, one time in all of the years could prevent you from going back to AutoZone.

After six years of doing business with that store, I would think you would have built a friendship with someone there.

Or at least you would have known the mgr there. Also, you failed to mention if this person "Brian" was one member of management or, if had you had any dealings with him before? You also seem to imply that replacing your light bulb is a fairly easy job. If that were the case why not simply do it yourself?

Ohh, you don't know how to change the light bulb. Maybe Brian doesn't know either.

I don't think AutoZone lost much by losing a "customer" like you. Just Saying


Yup, good riddance... they don't need or want someone with your attitude disrupting their day.


Wow... So after 6 years of "they have been fabulous!!" and "Great customer service, helpful and knowledgeable associates, the works.

So helpful, I have referred a number of people to autozone as well" You get one guy who can not open your jacked up hood and you throw them under the bus here. Did you bother to talk to any one in the store or call the Store Manager? No?... The DM or RM?

No?... Corporate? Huh...

Oh well. My question to you is did the store loose a customer or do they have one less self righteous pain in the *** to deal with?


Good morning *** from Norfolk...just thought I would share my too-sense as I stumbled across your uneducated comment. I am a loyal shopper to many businesses as it sounds this shopper was with autozone.

I also have learned through my personal experience, of how GREAT customer service and lack of, can greatly affect a consumers shopping experience. When an employee chooses a profession and is ultimately being paid by this company to interact directly with the general public, this company will train its associates to strive to offer great customer service (as this is what keeps the consumer coming back) as well as maintain a positive representation of whatever the company stands for. Myself as well, has turned my back from a business for the associates lack of general concern toward the consumers who make a concious desicion to bring their business to "x" location. If this shopper was so dissatisfied with the service received in this autozone to the point that this website was found to blog about it, I'm sure that atleast a phone call was made to Autozones Customer Service Department and hopefully a conversation was had with the store manager directly after the situation occurred (as this is what I would have done myself).

Unfortunately, it sounds as though this associate should not have joined a company whos associates are paid to deal directly with the public, if he is not willing to go above and beyond and do what it takes to make his customer happy and to keep his customer coming back.

I've seen it time and time again and I'm sure that if this autozone associate rubbed THIS customer the wrong way, he has done it before and will do it again. Personally, if I were in this same situation, I would make the same decision to not visit this location in the future.

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