Heber City, Utah
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Another customer was purchasing brake pads in front of me. The AZ employee told him the grease in the box was to put on the brake pads so they didn't stick to the rotor when they got hot.....OMG, really, and yes, I spoke up and corrected him but this guy was the manager...wow!

Had I not spoken up who knows how many people have been told this "scary, dangerous" information? I can only hope no wrecks where caused by this wrong information by this ***. Now in my community we have a CarQuest, Oreilly, Napa, and Autozone; and I would have to agree that CarQuest has, by far the most knowledgeable staff and better parts that the other three.

But thats simply my opinion.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

AutoZone Pros: Clean store.

AutoZone Cons: Service, Knowledge.

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I don't know whats worse here,the guy attempting to do his own brakes without knowing what he's doing or the guy telling him how to do it and not knowing what he's talking about.I realize now how unsafe american roads really are.

@Unsafe at any speed

promote do it yourself and get info from underpayed and untrained employees = danger

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