Reno, Nevada

My understanding is that Auto Zone hired Keith Thompson from St. Paul, MN as a store management employee in the Twin Cities area.

If true, i do not undersatand, with millions of people out of work, why they would hire an individual like this. My experience with him as my manager at O'Reilly Auto Parts was horrible, to say the least. My experience included watching dozens of times, Keith Thompson: sweeping items and papers off the counter / slamming the cash drawers shut / throwing things across the store in the counter area / slamming the phone down into the cradle / kicking items across the store / he accused me of stealing (i heard the DM stating this on the phone) These are experiences I had. These are also my opinions.

He is wholly unprofessional. He yelled at many of his employees. He is NOT GOOD with customers. I watched him be rude to many customers and unprofessional many times.

i feel it is my responsibility to warn Auto Zone that they hired aperson (in my opinion) that is not suited for this position. If Auto Zone gets complaints that echo what I was subjected to, i feel they should do what they feel is apprpriate, up to and including termination. He is the absolute worst boss I have worked for in over 30 years as an employee. He is abrasive and rude.

He has little autmotive knowledge that was visible to me when i worked with him. he punched me out for lunch (illegaly) when there were times that taking a lunch would impact store services. He allowed two radios to be stolen from the store and a special order (90.00) guage to be stolen by not being secured behind security mesh. He left the store on a Sunday when questioned about a special order item that could not be found.

(3 people looked over the whole store and could not find it) (but after being gone for an hour, the part appeared magically) i just want Auto Zone to know the type of person they have working for them.

The store and customers will suffer along with the employees. please do not ignore this warning as I feel it will come back on Auto Zone if they ignore the occurences as they happen there (I am sure they will, if they haven't already, as a Leopard doesn't change it's spots) Good Luck with Keith.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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