Newark, New Jersey

Bought a transmission for Autozone took about 5 days to get here. Paid a transmission mechanic to put it in.

Transmission didn't work. Called company and they said they would send a replacement. Two weeks later I get the replacement and find out that I stuck with paying the mechanic again to put it in. Lucky that one worked.

But because I didn't have a shop put it in and charge me an arm and a leg they won't reimburse me the labor.

Then I bring core back for refund and a week later they still haven't credited my credit card. Really why would you sell people junk.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Got a transmission for 1500.00, had it put in and the torque convertor doesn't work! Has less than 900 miles on it!

Called them and they are denying it, saying its due to abuse. Lol. Less than 900 miles and it's abuse? Without even having anyone look at it, just flat out denied warranty.

What goods a warranty if they won't back up their 3/75,000 warranty. Very rude people too.


had tranz. go out after 100 miles . will never buy from moveras again.

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