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Someone else posted here about autozone and i agree completely with every word it is a sales based company. I worked for advance auto parts before I came to autozone both companies are sales based.

Ive learned that it doesn't matter if the customer gets the correct part or not as long as you sell a part and anything that goes with it wittdtjr. Personally I've been working on cars and trucks for 39 years but that doesn't matter to these stores. For instance the mindset is if a new employee comes to work not knowing what a sparkplug is it doesn't matter as long as they can sell parts. If the customer is sold the wrong part well that means that they will be back and that's an opportunity to sell them more...get it!

Doesn't matter that the customer has wasted gas..time..and money. At the same time this employee is making less than someone at a fast food restaurant so do you think they really have the knowledge to do the job correctly. Again this doesn't matter as long as they are selling parts and yes it is a competition between stores. The store that has the best rewards card activations..the best wittdtjr scores..the best check out challenge scores usually get a pizza!

Thats right! But the district manager..and the store manager get bonuses to their already outrageous salaries.BUT..if youre store doesn't do well in these competitions you may be looking for other employment..yes im serious. I know this for a fact. Just remember probably 98% of these stores employees have no idea how to work on their own vehicles let alone you're vehicle.

Some employees like myself have the knowledge to correctly help a customer to diagnose a problem with the vehicle and get the correct part the first time. So the next time you go into a auto parts chain store try to bear with the employee attempting to help you and just remember...the majority of the employees at that particular store haven't got a clue as to what you need for your vehicle..on a side note most customers don't either! Yes i am very knowledgable about most any vehicle and i am seriously underpaid..underappreciated and am expected to do more but at the same time my district manager tells me that im not doing my job correctly because my stores scores are down sooo im not getting a pay raise.

Even though our regular customers come in asking for me by name..come in the store on my off days and leave because I'm not there..call me to see if im there..its kinda sad and thats all i have to say. Think about it

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