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Ok, so alittle more on my beef with AutoZone, Here is a quote from the 1st email, “We have cancelled your order either at your request or because the product requested is out-of-stock at our fulfillment center and we are unable to source the product directly from the supplier.” Fact is I never requested it be canceled and the 2nd email makes no mention of parts being out of stock and in fact states a completely different reason As is common nowadays and especially this time of year is theft of deliveries off your doorstep. Thieves follow the UPS truck around and steal the packages.

Obviously I didn’t want to have a $300 order stolen so I had it shipped to my PO Box at a UPS store. The billing and shipping address are different and they were told this. You know how many people use Private PO boxes nowadays for this reason? Probably tens to hundreds of thousands.

The number entered was my fax number but instead of doing what any normal business would do (like say Amazon) such as place a hold on the order and ask the customer to contact them within say 24 hours prior to canceling the order they just cancel it and to top it off lie to me as to the reason in the first email. (See above) In the 2nd email they say they canceled the order because the billing and shipping address don’t match without making any attempt to contact me whatsoever. So they send an email AFTER they cancel the order meaning I’d have to go in and re-order everything. Since I used to gift cards which went into the trash after entering the numbers I am and would still be out $50 which Autozone gets to keep because they were bought so long ago I can’t chargeback.

Obviously the LP Dept at Autozone knew gift cards were used when they canceled the order but did it anyway. They state “Our goal is to treat each customer as our only customer.” Appears to me your company policy is to mislead or lie to customers if it suits you and employees are trained and authorized to send emails using this method. So if your goal at Autozone it to treat customers well you failed miserably to train your employees how to handle internet orders in a common sense way. You spend millions advertising how great you are and then kick customers in the teeth with poor employees, poor employee training and policies that make no sense if your goal is good customer service.

If you’re just going to treat customers like this may I suggest you save your advertising dollars. They did have someone contact me who promised to fix the issue. Short story is it was all talk. Was told to just go ahead and re-order in a follow-up and I guess tough luck on losing the $50 in gift cards.

They won't help getting a credit for the $50. Great company

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

AutoZone Cons: Horrible customer service.

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