Columbus, Ohio

I own a local repair shop with a partner I had a previous customer come in with ac problem I installed an autozone compressor on vehicle on july 9 2012 when bad. Had problem with autozone charging 2 and 3 times for same parts.

I told the delivery guy get the f <%= off my parking lot when he brought me a bill for $79 when I had not bought anything for over a month.

But because I refuse to keep paying for parts im not buying or have already paid for they closed my commericial account. That does not bother me at all but I spent $20000 with autozone in 2012 and they voided warranty on everything I ever bought there

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Money owed is money owed. Pay your bill. Obviously theres more to it.

#796560 all I can say. Being an AZ driver I can assure you that the driver is not cognizant of any dealings between AZ and you with the exception of delivery.

I can completely understand where your coming from though.

Try not to take it out on the driver. He's on your side....believe me.

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