I restore cars. If you find a counterperson who can get the right part consider yourself lucky.

Moat of the time. I look up my own part numbers on line because these bozos not only do not know the flywheel from the fan...they just don't care. They don't carry many common parts but can" order" it...abd guess what? They want you to pay shipping.

Now if I was going to do that I would buy on EBay. Online is cheaper if you are willing to wait. Don't never trust them with testing an alternator.or starter. They tried to tell me one was bad but tested it without the regulator hooked up!

AutoZone is ok only if they have what you want in stock...

And perhaps stranded. The Duralast parts are Chinese junk.

Also watch the rewards program. Many time you won't get points or points will disappear.

User's recommendation: Avoid unless you're stranded.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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