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im a red shirt at autozone and to those customers who think autozone treats you bad and rips you off, your not alone. They do it to the employees also!

And you know all those ANNOYING questions we ask you when your just trying to check out like "We have llucas on sale right now" and "Two flashlights for $5 now too" we dont want to ask you and bother you with tring to sell you extra stuff you didnt come in for!!!! Its called a "Check Out Challenge" and we must sell a ton a day like 12 or else we get yelled at all the time and hours get cut, ive also been threatened to be FIRED if i dont push more and sell them. The wittdtjr "what it takes to do the job right" stuff we HAVE to push on you like the greases by the register is the same way. Autozone doesnt eveluate their employees by performance or attendance or even how they treat their customers.

They evaluate us by how much of that stuff we sell. Its horrible. Im currently lookingn for a nother job because im NOT a sales person and im not getting comission! im just being harrassed and hounded everyday!

they do nothing but worry bout how many COC we sell! thats all autozone cares about! THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU THE CUSTOMERS OR US THE EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!!! THERE A HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!

i cant wait to see them go under!!!!!!!!!! AUTOZONE treats everybody like complete ***

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I was fired from az this year for not pushing the rewards card to all customer. I really believe it was because my age 60


All lies been sorry all false information this person just gave


I work for Auto Zone and what the first commenter said is true. The management wants the front counter people to push everything they can on a customer.

You buy headlight bulbs they want that bulb grease pushed on you.

You buy a battery they want the felt washers and battery terminal grease pushed on you. Management, the gray shirts, get a bonus at the end of the year and the more their red shirts sell the bigger their bonus...


No comment at this time...doing discovery right now.


We've been told to ring up the wit (ex. Brake grease) without even mentioning it to the customer.

Quote the additional cost as part of the brakes and just ring it up and stick it in the box.

Don't "offer it" just sell it. Pretty shady.


I am a former Parts Sales Manager. This is the standard operating procedure for Store and District Managers. As it is said, it's easier to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission of the customer.


If you are so unhappy with your job, then maybe you should seek employment somewhere else. However, any job in retail will have the same deals.


Is it true that auto zone has a no chase policy for shoplifters ? Because i saw a person stealing there the other day and the employees knew but did nothing. Is this because of the auto zone policy?


As a former Autozoner I can confirm that policy is true. We don’t chase shoplifters.


I am a red shirt they dangle the manager position in front of me but give position to someone else or hire new manager. I’m so over it I already put my two weeks in.


As a CSM I can verify all this as true. AutoZone is a corrupt enviroment.

They preach diversity but they want you to be a corporate robot. One tem is one joke.

Its all about numbers in clouding the employees. You re just a number not a person.




It is a retail sales position. If you’re terrible at sales then you should find a different type of job. This is comparable to getting a job landscaping and complaining about how much you have to use a wheelbarrow.


To add to this persons comments, Not only is this person 100% correct in that statements that made. I would not be surprised if one could look and see.

By speaking out... well if any Auto Zone "upper management" found out who this person is.

They would harass them & badger them, cut their hrs. to the minimum that the law allows.


I'm a red shirt as well. Some of the Corp rules learned in training is just straight out stupid.

As in the 5 on the phone. Cant tell the customer no. Well. If we dont carry a part we dont have the part.

Period. Or if we dont have it in stock and can have it the next day then that's all we can do. I'm not telling a customer yes we have it if we dont have it. For them to come to the store and me get yelled at or get complaints or anything like that, because we dont have it.

Theres nothing we can do about parts we domt carry. All we can do is recommend them to a place that does have those parts. And then another thing, I'm sorry we cant look up what size belt goes on your lawn mower deck. Or at least that I know of.

I dont know what size engine your car has. Or your transmission code. Or what your paint code is or what your drive is geared. That is information the customer should know to bring us.

Customers complain because we give them the wrong parts, when they give us the wrong information. And sometimes, znet is total bs. I cant stand someone asking me what kind of oil their vehicle takes, and I look it up through znet for it to tell me the wrong information. Dont get me wrong, I like my job.

But Jesus, the employees should matter too. In the automotive world, not everything is sunshine and rainbows, and it shouldnt be told off as that for us to get the whooping stick when we cant give out the pot of gold under the rainbow.




I'm also an autozone employee and this is absolutely correct


Agreed, no teamwork, no help. I only have parts managers actually helping me


i have a sexual complaint about autozone. i was working that day and a superviser got upser with me because i did not seem to work fast enough for her .

the drive shafts were heavy and i didnt want to hurt my back. so she yelled at me and said thatshe didnt care about safety, just hurry up and do the job and productivity is the number one goal!!!!! so she cut my hours and made me come to work only when she was there !!!! then thats when she started to bend over in front of me and rub her bottox against my leg and the next day she rubbed my belly with her hands, in front of other autozone workers!!!

i felt totally emasculated. i loved my job but, i didnt love it any more! and she started spreading rumers that i didnt know what i was doing!

and my coworkers started to tell the customers not to come to me when it was time to check out!!! i really liked my job , but now it makes me feel sick every time i think about the sexual assalt



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