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im a red shirt at autozone and to those customers who think autozone treats you bad and rips you off, your not alone.They do it to the employees also!

And you know all those ANNOYING questions we ask you when your just trying to check out like "We have llucas on sale right now" and "Two flashlights for $5 now too" we dont want to ask you and bother you with tring to sell you extra stuff you didnt come in for!!!! Its called a "Check Out Challenge" and we must sell a ton a day like 12 or else we get yelled at all the time and hours get cut, ive also been threatened to be FIRED if i dont push more and sell them. The wittdtjr "what it takes to do the job right" stuff we HAVE to push on you like the greases by the register is the same way. Autozone doesnt eveluate their employees by performance or attendance or even how they treat their customers.

They evaluate us by how much of that stuff we sell. Its horrible. Im currently lookingn for a nother job because im NOT a sales person and im not getting comission! im just being harrassed and hounded everyday!

they do nothing but worry bout how many COC we sell! thats all autozone cares about! THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU THE CUSTOMERS OR US THE EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!!! THERE A HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!

i cant wait to see them go under!!!!!!!!!!AUTOZONE treats everybody like complete sh#t!


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If you're trying to get your W-2s then you must unlock pop-up blocker for that site or you will not be able to get in. Had the same problem. I got mine today and print them out

to Former redshirt.i was assaulte #1431875

What site and how? Im having a problem trying to even figure out were to start to get it. Thabks for help


If you don't like sales, get another job. I don't understand someone working in an industry that is not compatible with you. Folks can't get mad at companies who have expectations!!


Plus a manger had 11 points and was to open store at 715 am and was 2HRS late that would have gave him 12 points but someone re did his time and he was on time and I'm late a bunch of ***


You know I work at a store in Akron Ohio and I go though the same *** and I'm part time andd my hours get cut all the time to where I go to other store to get more hours.But the store keeps hiring more and more people.


is It legal to cut your hours when going over 40

to Anonymous #1418276

Of course it is


I have worked for AZ for 5 years.Recently transfered to a hub driver.

I agree somewhat.

I feel if we sell more ro a customer there should be a bonus of some sort.Now being a hub driver i would not get the benefits, But before hand Would had been nice..


This is so true.Your worth is based entirely on WITT scores in your store.

You can be a good sales person and still have low Witt.It's a terrible way to go about ranking and thinking of your employees.


I work for autozone as well and it freaking sucks!!! They have me doing the exact same thing. If I offer something the customers don't want it a psm will offer it again and tell me "want me to do the job for you or what"

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