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Get some real people in the Jefferson autozone who know how to actually diagnose a car! Was having trouble with my car starting went in to autozone they checked the battery said it was fine, I had a feeling it was my starter. (I know what a dead battery sounds like and this was not it) I took the starter in they tested it. They said it was "Working" but when trying to start my car there was no clicking or any sound coming from the car, I had then test the battery again. I then had three, THREE people tell me it was the battery that was wrong with my car. So I bought the cheapest battery. I "Installed" it (By installing i mean taking the retarded red cap off the positive terminal and hooking it up. (Note that no where in the "Return policy" that is printed on the receipt does it say that they can't take it back if it has been installed in a vehicle.)) And you wouldn't believe it. It wasn't the battery. It was the starter motor like I thought. Going back in not 2 minutes after I bought the damned battery, the Assist. Manager Christopher tells me that they cannot take it back. At this point I was more pissed than I have ever been in my life. Not only was I robbed out of $100 for a battery I did not need. I later found out the starter motor they sold me was WAY OVER PRICED. The Autozone website has the starter motor I needed listed for $80 with a return of $40 on the core. Again Christopher was the one I had to work with. He checked and they only had one it was $130!! I now know that AutoZone only wants my money and does not give a flying *** about anything. EVERYONE STAY AWAY.

PS. To who ever reads this I am posting all over store review sites. You'll find this on Yelp, google, and many many more.

People who were of help:

Hunter. (Didn't get a last name, of course they don't put last names on tags.)

People who *** me over:

Christopher - Assist. Manager

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

AutoZone Pros: Clean store.

AutoZone Cons: Service, Warranty, Lack of response, Defective parts and warranty.

  • customer service not fullfilled
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They are called mechanics....maybe you should familiarize yourself with them,they are ready,willing and able to help you and guess what? They are not a retail store that just sells auto parts,they actually get paid well to fix your car not just minimum wage to deal with people such as yourself .


Well for one they're not mechanics to diagnose your car. So thats where you screwed yourself. Go to a real mechanic.


#1 Its not autozones job to diagnose your vehicle. Their job is to sell you parts.

Imagine that a retail store that sells parts.

#2 The testers they have are took proof. If the workers aren't experienced then maybe you should figure out the issue yourself before blaming the RETAIL STORE

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