Connersville, Indiana
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I worked for the Auto Zone more then 15 years.

I was vested in the company. I turned 64 years old developed

Medical Problems.

So I retire from the Auto Zone Company. . They promised. me a retirement Pension. $4.37 a month.

. Yes four dollars and thirty seven cents.

After waiting more then 10 weeks and on the third phone call to them .

They said you never worked enough hours from the year 2000 to 2002.

You don't get a pension.

Good thing I am a disabled Veteran and have a pension there!

I worked for Auto Zone on days off, called in sick one time in 15 years.

I got letters of appreciation every year and the lapel pin made in china.

Then after I retired I got nothing, not even the $4.37 that was promised in writing.

But most years I did get a pay increase most years it was between 15 to 20 cents a hour.

But why should I complain I could have quit right.

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Slave labor it sounds like

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