Overland Park, Kansas
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Worst company to work for....auto zone. Horrible pay!!

For a FORTUNE 300+ company, they pay their employees *** pay. They throw out and use more paper than EVERY job I have ever had. The district managers that I've talked to and delt with are rude, treat their employees like dirt. Threaten your job on a weekly basis.

The CEO of auto zone SHOULD go on undercover boss and see what REALLY happens in their stores. The only thing this company cares about is $$$$$$ in their pockets and NOTHING about the PEOPLE THAT DO ALL THE WORK to put $$ in their pockets.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

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Yes pay could better and the bosses could treat their employees right but when you have money hungry people that only worry about there pay what can you do


Awww. You work in retail.

Shut up. Go to college. Get an education and get a real job. I work part time there.

If you don't like it, Leave. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


I work for them and your right they treat us very badly i hate this job

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