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I completely understand both sides. By the way I am a PSM.

I hate to try to sell the witt or the COC and so forth but its necessary for the benefit of the customer, but all you can do is ask. 2 out of 10 is better than 0 out of 10. Witt's are harder to sale because most customers know what they want, But not what they need, Most customer that come to autozone are totally clueless want to be ASE Certified mechanics. even tho I have and know how to build 302 ci or 350 ci.

engine. I can say thank god for the parts pro class. one thing I can say is I know more about different types of cars and I know what I will buy and what I will not. Nissan altimas are complete garbage.

dodge ram 1500 are too. really a 2012 with a check engine light. POS. there are more things that go into engine building than just a master kit.

I know that everybody is completely disgruntle about selling the non app packets but actually all those little packets are important if you want the car to not have future problems. anti-sieze is important to the spark plugs or selling some one fresh caliper bolts is important because they are not design outlast the brakes themselves. the witt and COC and things like that are design to help the customer fix their car right. I can tell the AZ employees that are disgruntle about that don't care about repeat happy customers.

but then again half of the AZ'rs here probably have broken down *** that can barely get to work. You should care about the customers car as if was your own. You be amazed if you presented that packet of bulb grease as a protectant against heat and corrosion you can sell more. most customer will not complain if you add that packets in anyway because the Lazy SOB's are to sorry to do the work themselves.

" can you put my battery in" or "can you change my wiper blades I don't know how" when they just simply click on. But it is true we are overworked with ridicously plan o gram changes and truck days with lack of employees. the phone never stops ringing with clueless worthless lazy people to lazy to google the answers and want you to diagnose their problems over the phone with no regard to there are 15 people standing in line, in my opinion screw the phone. the people that drove in took the time come in.

the people calling are just lazy when we have with the exact same pricing. granted I know we have to answer because might be a another store needing a transfer, because the customer is to lazy to drive 15 mins across town, so screw it, let him wait on the HUB driver. But overall my biggest complaint is the scheduling and inconsistent hours. weekly.

that's BS. as far as the pay. anybody started this job should have known you can't survive on its pay alone. thank GOD for supplemental income.

disgruntle employees I say quit. I know I will be as soon as find something better. the only autozoners that benefit is commercial managers, store managers, territorial managers, district managers and higher. because all of them are on salary except the CM they do get bonuses.

every body else. red shirts and PSM's do not. Shrink and shrink busters ( what a joke) people steal from AZ daily. I do more item adjustments for open packages of stolen light bulbs or half the *** stolen from our worthless light and performance aisles or even the freakin nuts and bolts racks than anything else.

if autozone really cared about P &L ( profit and loss ) they install security cameras in all their stores and not just a few select few. the matrix report is never balanced. its always at least a 1000 dollars or more in lost items weekly, somebody is stealing some where. Working at autozone has its benefits but overall.

its inconsistent hours, overworked. lack of employees, to much busy work. phones constant ringing, constant facing the store. I mean the list is ridiculous.

under paid. but every now and then I get a really appreciated customers and that does make me feel better, but the advancement is who they pick and choose that's why i'm searching for something better

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I am also a psm for az. I'm just glad somebody feels the exact same way as I do.

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