Livingston, New Jersey

Look let me tell you Autozone sucks the customers don't get treated as good as they should because they treat there employees like s#*t they are up 18% from last year but they cut our hours and don't want to pay for people that know what their doing a good rate and forces us on food stamp. I have been in the auto industry for 10 yrs.

Done every thing from sale parts to turn wrenchs and worked as service writer at dealers ... I am willing to take a second job but they will not work with me on my schedule so can...I WOULD NOT ADVICE ANY ONE TO WORK FOR THEM....I would not here if my dealership had not shut down and I could find some were else.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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everyone but two ppl are certified mechanics in my store.. there not idiots.


sounds like your a *** mechanic and don't know wtf your doing counter man is a boys job ever wonder why the pay sucks :grin

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