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I have a local shop in Goose Creek SC. We are not the big account(s).

Once a week the store policy says they should call your business and check on you for needs. Once a week the commercial manager is supposed to go out and personally visit their business accounts. In my short time here in Goose Creek SC I have dealt with them a very few times. I feel that their employees are only there to clock in and clock out.

They talk about customers the second they walk out the doors. They have perfected the eye rolling effect. They do not care if they are diy or commercial. The morale and support in this store really sucks.

Even after speaking to management about it...They would rather drop me as an account than fix the problems affecting the sales in the whole store (walk in customers as well as commercial). Apparently we are not the only account that this is being done to. I actually walked into commercial sales and no one was there. I waited for a little while and still saw the commercial sales flyers from a month ago still in the wrapper.

Never even opened and given out. The last flyers given to me were before a commercial driver got promoted and moved to a new store. I followed this employee because of the customer service given to us by her. Then she was told by a manager she could no longer sell to us from her store.

WHAT a store that does not want to take MONEY??? What the blazes is wrong with this picture...They need to drop the ball and hope it hits someone in the head. The only other solution is to fire the whole darn store and hire people who do more than remark badly about customers, roll their eyes, and watch the clock. Hire people who need a job.

Hire people who care. Please do something. Your store sucks. I have not been contacted by this store in almost 3 months other than...I missed a call so I called them right back.

They said they called me by mistake trying to call another company.

Did not offer me the current sales, ask me if I needed anything, just hung up on me. My name is Carolyn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

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All their car parts are *** too . .

. atsco (remanufactured cardone) power steering pumps, santech remanufactured compressorworks . . .

they got live 5 different types of one battery and put a new sticker on a salvage grade one. all their contracts are *** . . .

order online . . . it's cheaper .

. . oreilly's is cheaper and their cheaper is better than valucraft . .

. they are terrible. it's only a wonder how many people have died from buying their parts . .

. Every electrical part is an airtex . .

. Boo!!!


I myself am a small shop and when I hadn't done business with them in two weeks they cancelled my account..not really Good business if you ask me.. always tryin to stomp on the little guys..


You need to blame corporate. I can tell you from working in autozones commercial dept for years that corporate schedules are skeleton crew staffing.

Each commercial account is to be given that WOW customer service that they preach but unfortunately with the limited bodies scheduled each day some accounts suffer. It's a real shame too. Corporate is too busy worrying about the bottom line. They deliver and pamper the national accounts like sears and firestone to name a few.

Probably the reason no one was in commercial is either they were working out front in DIY, out on a delivery due to lack of staffing. You see every week corporate only allots a certain amount of hours that's where the smaller commercial accounts suffer . There isn't enough boots on the ground! Don't bother voicing your opinion to the territory manager that stops by each quarter.

It's all a numbers game. Nothing will change. Not taking up for this store but the morale is very poor at autozone. Why?

Because we are expected to deliver the "going the extra mile" to each customer but with a skeleton crew staff each day.

I will agree with you that it isn't fair to the customer and it surely isn't fair to the employee. They should change their motto to "less is more"..........


OHHH BOY! With everyone watching there pennies you would think customer service would be better.

If you don't have the customers, your doors CLOSE! Time for a complete change of employees

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