2125 N Fry Rd, Katy, TX 77449, USA
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Yesterday we were trying to get a part for our truck and they gave us the wrong one. They argued and argued with us that it was the right part when we KNEW it wasn't.

So we gave them the benefit of the doubt and sure enough it didn't fit! So we tried to take it back today and they didn't want to give us our money back. They said to wait till tomorrow when the manager is there but we don't have time for that. This isn't the first time we have had problems with this store either and I am beyond fed up with them.

It was a huge waste of time and money that we didn't have.

Not only do they always have horrible customer service every time we go there but when we walked in today the employees were playing gangster rap music which I consider very unprofessional. I'm never going to an autozone ever again.

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You knew it was the wrong part but you bought it anyway. So obviously they have great customer service and salesmanship skills as they persuaded you to buy a part that you knew was wrong .

Now you want to complain about their service even though they told you that you could talk to manager but you have no time to go back and complain to him/her.

As for music, I work in location that depending who is in charge that day plays what he wants, I do not like rap but you know what, I learn to adjust to the surroundings. But then again I am not a know it all just a regular person.


Still cracks me up when people post reviews stating that "Everytime I go there"..........HELLO STOP GOING THERE FOR GOODNESS SAKES. If you get bad service multiple times from the same store then go to a different one, or better yet go to a different auto parts store all together. I shop at O'Reilly's because 90% of the time you always get great service and good prices.

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