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To whom it may concern,

I want to start this off by saying my family has bought from Auto Zone for years. There was an issue that I thought was resolved but unfortunately I was wrong.

This started on Tuesday, April 22nd,when my fiancé, Darrell Johnson, called and priced a full rebuilt head gasket set for my car. The gentleman on the line told him it had to be ordered and that it wouldn't be in until the following Monday, April 28th. The weekend came and we went to Auto Zone that Saturday, April 26th, because my fiancé said Auto Zone called and they need me to get the numbers off the current head and bring up there. The following Monday came, April 28th and Darrell went up there and another cashier told him it’s not in and it will be here Wednesday, April 30th. Wednesday came and it still wasn't there, so after checking the computer, an Auto Zone Cashier, told him it would be in on Monday, May 5th, because we made sure the numbers were correct from the old part to the new part.

Monday, May 5th , gets here and the part is in but it’s the wrong part. The Cashier explained that the part matched the numbers that was put in the system, and that’s when Darrell explain to him that this part had to be called in, because you need to tell the manufacture all of the numbers because the computer doesn't let you put all of them in, for that specific make and model. Darrell knew this because the week he placed the initial order, April 22nd, the manager called him back and explained why he needed to bring all the numbers from the original head. Well that same Monday, May 5th, the manager Ernesto Ball was there, and he heard the frustration in my fiancé’s voice. He came over and re-ordered the part since the one that finally came was wrong, and he guaranteed the part would be in that Thursday, May 8th. Thursday came and Darrell went to Auto Zone and again the order was not there.

Darrell asked a cashier about the order and he told him that he didn't know anything about the order because the manager was gone for the day and to come back tomorrow. Friday, May 9th, Darrell went back to Auto Zone and spoke with Ernesto again, and he called the manufacture. He learned that the manufacture was behind the whole time and was just finishing up rebuilding the head gasket, and was just boxing the part to be shipped on Friday, May 9th. Ernesto received a tracking number and said it would be here on Monday, May 12th .

I sent an email about this situation on Friday Morning, May 9th, and also spoke with John Flores on Saturday, May 10th ,about this entire situation as well. He listened and apologized, and told me that everything was on track for it to be here Monday, May 12th , and that we would get you something off not exactly sure how much but something, because this was a big inconveniences and horrible customer service. When Darrell went to pick up the part on May 12th he didn't get anything back, no discount at the moment nor when he returned to purchase the head gasket bolts and washers set, and it’s been two weeks and nothing came in the mail either.

Now it’s Tuesday, May 27th and there is still an issue with the initial part. The mechanic started working on my car Thursday, May 15th, and as you may know replacing the head gaskets is not an easy or fast job. He was finishing up early last week when he noticed that one of the screws ( that came from the set he bought specifically for that job) didn't fit the new rebuilt head gasket but it fit my original one (I have a video that shows the irregular fit). The mechanic ordered something called a “reducer” to fix this issue so he wouldn't have to take everything apart again, and wouldn't delay the process any longer, but when that came in it didn't work. So, now my mechanic has reached out to someone that works at a Machine Shop to see if he can make the reducer he needs to get this job completed, since ultimately the head gasket my fiancé purchased was rushed and thrown together improperly.

I’m beyond frustrated and annoyed with the service I have received from Auto Zone. When you’re one of the largest auto parts companies in the world, it’s expected that customers hold your company to a certain level of standards, and Customer Service should be number one, because in every business, without customers, there is no business. In addition, having a trustworthy partnership is crucial, because you can’t have your partner’s (manufactures) being dishonest about the work they’re doing, and Auto Zone, as the partner is believing everything without any follow up. I have been in the industry of Customer Service for 10 years, grocery, retail, and now HR. The service I have received has been a disgrace, and I will do my best to NEVER purchase another part from Auto Zone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Auto Part.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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