Du Bois, Pennsylvania
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I stopped in the DuBois, PA store on Liberty Boulevard on May 7th around 1000 to get some prices on ball joints for my F250. I walked in and heard the door chime go off, and could hear people in the back, but I saw no one in the store.

I figured they would come out and help me so I waited at the counter. I heard 2 people laughing behind the wall and said hello to try to get some help, but they just got quiet. I waited for a minute before another worker came from the other end of the store carrying parts. He asked if I had been helped yet and when I said no he jumped on the computer and got me set up with pries and said he had all but one in the store but could have it there later in the day.

I asked him if he was the only one working and he said there were 4 of them. I did see another guy wearing a grey shirt poke his head around the corner while the guy in the red shirt was helping me. he went back behind the wall and started laughing with another person. It sounded like they were watching a video or something.

I found out the one behind the wall was the manager and that the gentleman helping me was just a driver.

I'm glad their driver knew what he was doing.

While I will continue to buy parts there as they usually have the better prices compared to their neighbors, I hope they can get people to come out and help customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

AutoZone Pros: Clean store, Location.

AutoZone Cons: Employee treatment.

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