Ardmore, Oklahoma

Purchased a alternator and within a year it failed. It started making a rattling noise on my way home from work, I couldn't tell what it was I thought maybe it was a heat shield or something and then I heard a loud bang.

Pulled over opened the hood and come to find out it was the alternator. The fan broke apart and flew off, cut my upper radiator hose, damage my belt and hit my hood leaving 3 dents which also knocked the paint off. I told one of the managers (Ardmore, OK) what happened and I asked are they liable for damages to my vehicle cause by thier faulty parts?.

She said sorry no.

So I've contacted autozone headquarters and I'm still waiting on a reply. This website won't allow to to post any videos or photos from my phone so just search "autozone alternator fail" on YouTube.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autozone Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

  • Faulty parts alternator
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I suppose if your one year old tire blew out you would expect Firestone to pay for your rim and fender damage? Grow up a****** the world does not OWE you anything!

John N

Mechanical things fail and break. You cannot expect AutoZone to be liable for what I assume is a re-conditioned alternator after a year of service.

Time to stop looking for a hand-out and get on with life. :cry

@John N

It's obvious that you are shilling for AutoZone, You didn't even use the correct term.

AutoZone advertises their alternators as "Reman", an abbreviation for "Remanufactured", which is different than "re-conditioned". Wrong on count 1.

AutoZone also offers limited lifetime warranty on their Reman alternators.

Wrong on count 2.

"looking for a hand-out". Hardly, the OP just wants some relief for damages he suffered due to faulty goods. Wrong on count 3.

A year of service and then it breaks is infant mortality for an alternator, even a (supposed) rebuilt. Why is it that a new OEM alternator will usually go 150,000 miles trouble free, but the (supposed) rebuilts often croak within months or a year or two of service?

That situation points to the probability that the alternator wasn't really fully rebuilt, and /or inferior parts were used, and/or poor workmanship.

I call bad deal in auto parts land. The OP is within his rights to be dissatisfied, especially with the damage that he suffered.

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